Any news on the new possible head coach??

Has anyone heard any rumblings on who the cats are looking at for there new head coach, and possibly new OC after this season(i don’t think joe will be around that’s my opinion).

I have a bad feeling that Joe WILL be around and that he will be given the head coaching duties…

It better be Charlie Taffe or Jason Mass will forever look like he's lost and confused in the offence.

No more Ottawa people please.Bring in McCarthy as GM, Greg Marshall(winnipeg) as head coach and defensive coach,try and get Brad Miller from montreal. All would equal better season for 2007. Just my opinion.

Charlie Taaffe is my choice. I would be disappointed if we picked a co-ordinator from another team.

I dont think we can afford to take a chance on someone again.

Maybe the Tiger Cats should design a reality television show: CFL Idle (pun intended).

Ten contestents strategize against each other to become the next head coach of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Hey, it worked for INXS.

brilliant...where do I sign up?

Calling McMahon!

Who can spot the irony?

Who can spot the irony?
Although IRONY is one word for it ... I would have chose a different ADJECTIVE.


why greg Marshall ? sure the Winnepeg defence looks pretty good so far but it`s a long season .

There are no adjectives in that sentence. How would you choose a different one?

(and yes, i can spot it)

GREG MARSHALL...!..a former "Ottawa people!" :lol:
ok..what do I win?

still waiting with baited breath on the WORD from Vince