Adams ?
Floyd ?
Currie ?
Caulley ?

No word yet on the severity of the knee injury to Darrell Adams or how many games he will miss. If Adams is out for any length of time, the Ticats need to sign an experienced defensive tackle to anchor the three rookie starters on the defensive line. A veteran CFL free agent like Devone Claybrooks could fill the bill provided that he is healthy and has stayed in reasonable shape.

Ti cats had two new lineman down at the stadium today

Looks like Adams may be out for a while...Dam.

Were they rooks, or "name" FA's like Claybrooks and Freeman?

I don't know what there names were I just say the coaching staff working them out after everyone else had left they were doing one on one drills with a couple of O linemen

what about Jerome Heywood. I know he got cut from the als. Would he be worth a look.


Still no news on Otis?? This is not good.

I live in Kitchener where the local paper is owned by the Star so guess what kind of CFL coverage we get. Little to none and what there is is slanted to that other team.

Michael Landry has some pretty impressive football stats

Here they are from the Arena league website.

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He has the size to move inside to tackle from his usual D.E. postion

Crap. Any word on how much longer Khari Long is going to be out?

Ballboy wrote yesterday:

Ti cats had two new lineman down at the stadium today
In addition to the injury to Darrell Adams, Drew Edwards' blog today notes that defensive tackle Demonte' Bolden is also "banged up" but he did not say whether Bolden will be ready for the next game. Still, that might explain why the Ticats had two new linemen at the stadium yesterday. Edwards' blog also provides the link to the same story about newcomer Michael Landry that was posted earlier by bwf029 on another thread on the forum but there was no word on the identity of the second new defensive lineman.