Any news on the Cats Claw bus trip to the BMO opener?

This is gonna be epic!

Wouldn't it make more sense to just contact the Cats Claws directly and ask? No one will know better than Carol Rose herself.

Yes and they would probably have to wait until June 1st when individual tickets go on sale.

No canadianfootballfan it wouldn't. I'm trying to stimulate awareness and conversation on our fan forum. But thanks for your input!

Haven't heard a thing from the Ticats, maybe with BMO being so close to Hamilton and a short train/bus or car ride it's not worth an organized trip, easier for fans to arrange their own way there.
I see that Ottawa has sold out their fan bus trip for the Montreal opener. It was advertised about 2 weeks ago that the team would be organizing a bus trip to Montreal. Sold out already !!

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The Cats Claw will have a bus trip for all three Argos games!

The Cats Claw bus trip to BMO is selling fast people! Despite the negative pondering of our usual dark cloud posters, there is a bus trip to every Argo game this year! Contact the Cats Claw for deets.

But what is the "Cats Claw" and how do you find them? is there a link?
If you go to the Ticats official site at there is no link to any bus trip to BMO.

Some great videos on the site, check out Home Renovations with Luke Tasker (steve Tasker's son)

The Cats Claw Fan Club : contact President Carol Rose @ (905) 664- 6117 for ticket information. There is also a trip planned for the June 11 pre-season game at BMO as well as the historic home opener on June 23. If you are interested better make the call sooner than later as there has been a lot of inquiries and tickets will be scooped up fast for these two bus trips to Toronto. :rockin: LET'S GO CATS !!! :rockin: