Any news on Terry Grant?

Has anyone heard any news about Terry Grant? I thought I heard a while ago that he should be ready to go this week or next?

As far as I know he still isn't practicing so that probably means he isn't close yet, it would be huge to have him back though.

to my knowledge, Terry is slated to come off the 9 game IR after the Labor Day game, thus not eligible to play until the Sept.8 away game at the earliest. (in Toronto)
(if fully recuperated and deemed in game shape that is)

Just because he's eligible to come off the nine-game doesn't mean he will. Martell Mallett is on the nine-game and he will just be put back on it after the Labour Day Classic. Same could be true of Grant. That was a pretty gruesome injury he suffered last year, so who knows if he'll be ready to play at any point this season. What the team does with him following Monday's game will give us a clue.

Terry Grant :cowboy: was replaced by Chad Savage :cowboy: on Mantracker so he should be able to resume Football shortly! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Doubt you'll see Terry Grant this season. He will be put back on the 9 game injury reserve when his first stint expires. Teams use the 9 game IR since salary to those players doesn't hit the cap. You can bring a player off the 9 game IR early a maximum of 3 times during the season.

My mistake. You're allowed to bring 1 player off the 9 game IR in the first half of the season & 1 off the 9 game IR in the second half of the season. This I know to be correct. Apologies for the error previously.

I also believe you're allowed to do it once for playoffs which is why I thought it was 3 times.

and gruesome is putting it mildly.
Terry broke three bones in his leg and foot and suffered a dislocated ankle/foot that was reportedly positioned backwards. :o

To return to playing football from such a horrific injury would be an accomplishment in itself, and I sincerely hope he succeeds without further complications.