Any news on Pascal Cheron?

According to Steve Milton in today's Spectator

"guard Pascal Cheron is practising to see if his knee will hold after the ACL was shredded by a late hit from Winnipeg's Kyries Hebert. If it doesn't hold, he may retire."

Sounds pretty serious. If this happens, then I would look for some SERIOUS reprecussions by the league against both Hebert and the Blue Bombers. If not, then I would suggest Mr. Hebert be VERY careful next time he's in the city of Hamilton...

No, but as long as Maas starts it doesn't matter as we can have the hogs in front of him and we'll lose......

JUST KIDDING.....No news yet but hopefully it's better than Milton made it sound.

I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn't hold my breath until Hebert sees any type of punishment from the league.

I would expect Hebert to get the same punishment that Dwight Anderson got when he suplexed Jamie Stoddard and put him on the sheldf with a bum knee.........nothing.

Well Hebert didn't get kicked out of the game and his was even further after the whistle.

I hope hes ok,we really need him back.Any word on Hudson?

Hudson is still on the 9-game disabled list. He should be back after Labour Day. That is, unless he is so injured he retires. THEN we would be in a world of hurt...

Hudson Practice Today He was Center on Scout Team
So did Pascal look okay