Any news on parking?

Are the lot parking we paid for 2 years ago going to be available?

Guess not....

Just find some guy on Beechwood with a lawn and throw him a $10.


I have prepaid at Lot E for years now and the team hasn't said anything on it other than "as far as they know, haven't heard from the city yet". It's entirely possible they announced on a platform I'm not around too.

I can't see any good reason for Lot E to be closed at this time. However, the development of the new Brightside Park at that location, will begin in 2022, and there will be limited parking (about 60 spots).

The massive movie set at Lot E is s bit of a problem.

Oh my! Sorry. I wasn't aware of that. What are they filming?

No one has a clue about Lot E.

The name of the movie they're filming is "No one has a clue about Lot E " .


I believe that's the sequel to "No one has a clue about Tailgate Labour Day 2021".

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And the trilogy... Any idea when the bobblehead giveaway will be this year?


And the prequel - I want corn on the cob at the concessions.

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Wasn't there a movie filmed at THF a couple of years ago called "Dude, Where's My Bobblehead?"

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That was the sequel to " Dude , Where's my Parking Spot ?"


Or perhaps a follow-up to the 2017 film "Smartass[es]"? :thinking:

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Still no word from the team on this at all.

Also still no word on the Gameday HSR shuttle bus services that so many fans depend and rely on to get them from point "A" to point "B" from Eastgate Square and Limeridge Mall and elsewhere to the stadium and back on gamedays .

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Have you tried the HSR?

Yup , as has a few other people that I know that take the bus . Not surprisingly so far it's been crickets . If anybody else has heard anything at all on this issue please post any possible information or answers . It will be greatly appreciated .

I would have to assume (and please don't assume, lol) that HSR will be offering the service as usual. I can't imagine why not.