Any news on OLine? Any imports on the radar that can help?

Although last week was a game to be forgotten for the Blue Bombers they still sit only a half game back of Hamilton for 3rd in the east and a game and a half behind Saskatchewan if the cross over should come into play. Elliot has played well in the two games leading up to the Labor Day game. They still have a lot of talent at the skill positions. Rookie Chris Mattews is still among the leaders in receiving yards and Terrence Edwards is on a pace to get 1,000 yard receivng season. Cory Watson is back and healthy and physical as ever along with Clarence Denmark a really good #4 receiver. Kito Poblah has seemed to also find a connection with Elliot as QB.
Chad Simpson has proven to be one of the top RB in the CFL and Will Ford has seemed to be a find also as a quality back up to Simpson.
Aside from the Labor Day game again the defense has gotten guys back and healthy and on sp teams Demond Washington has had some troubles at Punt returner but is still among the leaders in return yards and they have Jovon Johnson to fall back on.
I am just a little surprised that they have not been a little more agressive in seeking out an import T on the O Line. Jamuary is hanging in there at LT but seems to be wearing down.
A decision about Pierce of possibily placing him on the 9 game DL would open up a lot of cap space and could even find a short list of availble Import OT that could even play LT moving January back to the right side offering a guy a little more than he may possbily get in the UFL and perhaps turn that line around.
The Kicking game is solid also
Brink and Elliot seem to be in this together in supporting the other when they are not starting and Brink is a great short yardage QB.
I just think its too early to give up and an addition or two to the O Line may make a huge difference.
I have come to the Winnipeg faithful for some updates as nothing would be more exciting to me to see the Bombers reverse last season and with the slow start have a strong finish in 2012.
They have 4 of their last 5 games at home. 2 of their last 9 games will be against Hamilton in which they are only a game behind and the Riders Sunday who they are just 2 games behind in a crossover situation so splitting the series with them would even things out.

.....They lose this one and it'll be what ol Don Meredith said in a different league and era...'turn out the lights the party is OVER'....I'm also kinda stumped as to why we are not seeing some americans brought in, at least on the o line...Could it be we're going to stick with what we have and develop them, until we have an all canuck line and weed out the guys from down south........???? :roll:

Although I would agree that import tackle is one of the more obvious positions to upgrade - Taormina has improved, but he’s gone from horrible to just plain bad, which still isn’t good enough. Boatman could’ve really helped his cause today but only really stood out for his stupid selfish penalty. The reason though one hasn’t been brought in is that most of the ones the team is probably eying has been in an NFL camp and a lot of guys who have been cut are probably waiting around hoping to catch on with a PR spot or hoping for an injury early in the season to give them another shot. I think this is where closing that option year window for players to look for NFL work in the contracts hurts the teams in their ability to attract some of the NFL cuts.

I was thinking more along the lines of guys who are out of practice squad eligibilty and waiting on the UFL like Orrin Thompson in Esmonton or Xavier Fulton in SASK. If they would place Buck Pierce on the 9 game IR that would open some cap space to offer the top available O Lineman a bit more then they would make in the UFL and lure them to the CFL. I would just like to see them taking a more aggressive approach while at the same time end the QB at the same time and close the door on the Pierce era and move ahead with Elliot and Brink.

I don’t think its the cap space holding them back. They have the youngest team in the league and that usually means lower end contracts. Three of the higher priced players on the roster in Khan, Brown, and Labatte are gone. Kent as a vet was probably making a decent salary and is gone too. All that money has definitely not been spent on this roster, even with raises for Brink and Elliott in the offseason. At least it shouldn’t have been. Lord help us if it has. There should be money to spend at this point.

Well you could very well be correct and they are just planning to build there line with young NI from within but that is like saying that they have given up on the season before the start of last game. I can see rebuilding for the future but never at the cost of dumping an entire season. With a win that they should have had would have placed them only one game behind for a playoff spot now with the loss they are three so they may very well have given up on the season which i hate to see but the teams infront of them in the cross over in the west have gone and aquired players aroung the mid point to improve their team Saskatchewan especially has signed free agents or traded for players where they have a specific need for a major upgrade and it has paid off so far.
Edmonton appears to be sinking though with there lack of a quality starter beginning to show.

The whole plan is or was to go to an all canadian or at least 4 NI oline. That's why they said anyway when they went off the board again this year to pick pencer ahead of draft projections. But that doesn't mean they can't upgrade the import part of it this year.

Out of all the leagues the CFL is the least likely to need dumping an entire season if only for the fact that its pretty unlikely getting a #1 pick in the CFL draft will change the fortunes of a team immediately. Its especially true for the bombers given they way they've gone off the board with their early picks (Etienne, Pencer, even muamba to some extent) and are bypassing more CFL ready players for developmental projects who are a couple of years away. Here on out you'd have to think players are playing for the chance to come back next year and start fresh. Anybody looking to dump the season won't be here, hopefully.

Edmonton has some good players. I like their trade to move Carr over to the Riders for the rights to O'Donnell, if they can get him under contract. Supposedly they are in talks with austin Pasztor as well, a recent NFL cut which would really bolster their NI oline depth. I think what's sinking them is coaching - the inability to settle on 1 or 2 main backs and trying to split time between messam, boyd, and charles which seemed to cost them a few delay of game penalties. They're missing Laurent and Howard which are 2 studs on their Dline which has cost them. If shaw makes both or either of those 2 field goals late versus calgary and they could have been 6-4 or 7-3.

Yes I know their strategy was to have an All Canadian Line if possible. They fell a little short but could not afford to mess around with LT so they signed Orrin Thompson who has been rock solid. Steembergen had been playing RT and doing a fair job. WhenDevin Tyler came off the suspended list he was just better than steembergen and with the emergence of carter, Coehorne and Chambers as NI receivers as well as using McCarty at FB/TE they had the flexibilty to to have tyler play RT.
With the emergence of ready to play NI lineman very quickly teams will look to possibily go with an All Canadian Line but as Toronto found out that Imports are still ahead of the curve whenit come to playing the important Blind side LT.
Tou will most likely see teams begin to go with 4 out of 5 NIs on the O Line as well as bringing back the NI FB/TE back into the mix more as it has proven to be very effetive for a lot of teams instead of the 5 receiver set. NI receivers are also becoming a lot bette a lot faster enabling even more ratio flexibility with the NI rceivers sitting at a solid #3 for many teams and even #2 for some easily enabling teams to go with 2 NI receivers as a strenght and not just to cover the Ratio as the 4th of 5th receiver.
There are a few Canadian running backs who have become prime starters and all stars but the emergence of NIs able to play RT and the a lot more receivers walking on equal ground with the Import receivers has really been impressive.

There will be more signings. Practice rosters aren’t expanded for another couple of weeks iirc. I would suspect most of the better late NFL cuts are still trying to catch on with other NFL teams now.

They may be hard pressed to get the quality Import they need. edmonton, Orrin Thompson, and Sask. Xavier Fulton were among the top Import O Lineman that have already spent a season in the UFL and have decided to move their careers North. Without a little more financial incentive those veterans who are still looking to stay in the NFL that are not PR eligible will either catch on with an NFL teams 53 or go to the UFL for one last shot at signing a late season NFL contract. After the season they would be wise to seek out players like Thompson and Fulton who the NFL have passed on and are ready to move their careers north

Mack won't do anything. The board is too cheap.

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The one thing that hit on me in that article is the topic of the thread. I know that thet have an injured rookie O Lineman but I am just very miffed that they have not gone and at least brought in some line man with NFL experience that is still of a prime age but has no place in the NFL anymore. I keep going back to edmonton and what they had done in the off season. They signed Orring Thompson and traded Xavier Fulton to Edmonton. Both had quality NFL experiences, both were just caught on the bubble, both were good but had to make room for rookie players, both hit the UFL for one last shot at the NFL and both have now moved North and have become the anchors at LT. I cant beleive that a pro team in the CFL with O Line problems have not been tracking a few of this type of player through TC. Maybe this is the week as the UFL has pushed their season back and they are ready to pluck one but that does not seem to be the case. January is hanging in at LT but he is obviously worn and a move to RT bringing in a solid LT just seems to make sense to give the QBs in which they are placing the future a better oppuritunity to succeed.
I had also wondered why Chris Patrick, who was released from Saskatchewan do to the play of NI pat Neufeld, has not entered the equation by now. He was very successful in his early starts with the Riders but he does have UFL ties. So possibily he just plans to go back to the UFL as I would imagine they have been in touch unless someone in the CFL can lure him with a little extra cash.

Can we move on from Fulton and Thompson? I think the point has been made already.

There were over 700 football players cut in the last couple weeks from NFL camps. Some have gotten onto PR rosters, others are biding their time hoping for an early season injury to open the door for them. The UFL is an option for some of the upper tier players looking for a place to play because UFL contracts allow them to up and leave at any point if they get an NFL opportunity. However there are limited spaces in the UFL which evidently will only have 4 teams and had to push their season back one week and those 4 teams already have rostered players. The CFL contracts that closed the NFL option window I think also plays a role in getting certain players to commit to coming to the CFL as they now require players to forego their NFL aspirations for 2 years instead of 1. Eventually I would suspect that they bring in players as is usual once the CFL PR rosters expand and as the NFL gets deeper into their season and guys find themselves sitting at home without a job. Not bringing in another tackle to push Taormina has been a sore spot with me all season. Evidently they see something in him that most of us don't. The fact Boatman couldn't unseat him from the starting line up until Taormina went down with an injury, but stupid penalty aside, he didn't stand out as particularly bad against the riders. It'll be interesting to see how he fares against the Stamps.

As for Patrick.. A number of CFL teams have taken a pass on him, including the Argos who have some Oline issues, and the Eskies who opted instead to trade Carr for O'Donnell rather than take a look at Patrick. May say more about Patrick than the Bombers not bringing him in for a look.

thanks for the update on this mater it has just been something that has stuck out to me. I suspect that Patrick may have already commited to going to the UFL when they get started. He may stand to get a better paycheck for the number of games he would play and the perks of free housing adds to the equation.
Like you I have just wondered why it has taken so long to try somebody as it is fairly obvious. Although this could be the week it begins to start. Calgary has got the ball rolling bringing in 2 out of NFL camps.
On a different note I would not however be shocked to see the Bombers beat Calgary. Two big emotional victories by Calgray as well as Kevin Glenn playing very well of late he may be do for a let down which has been his career M.O.
Winnipeg still has a lot of good players and Javon Johnson moving to the SAM LB spot to match be able to match up more with Dressler really shows that at least the players have not given up

the current bombers oline should get a bit of a reprieve vs calgary, their dline is not really lighting things up sack wise

I like DB but he was out to lunch in that column about coaches IMO. Right now BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Toronto all have head coaches with little to no NFL coaching experience and had no previous head coaching experience before getting their first CFL head coaching positions. Wally Buono had no head coaching or NFL coaching experience when he was hired by the Stamps.

Also notice he did not mention a certain head coach who had head coaching and NFL coaching experience who made a big impression on us all - Bart Andrus.