Any News on Montford?

I know Joe Montford received some kind of offer from the Roughriders recently, but has there been any indication of where he might land? I wonder if he’s waiting to sign after training camp’s over so he can jump right into game action.

This is purely speculation but I have heard that he is hoping for an early injury to a lineman to raise his value a little bit. Can't confirm this but it might be true

since there is no cap this year, the eskies should bring him back.

Ya i dont know what the eskies thinking was with no salary cap this year. The only thing I can think of is they've decided to groom their young guys and make room for if theres a cap next year or possibly they feel montford has lost a step in his age which i personally dont believe is true because he was still demanding double teams quite often last year even if his numbers werent as good

Can the Eskimos sign him back even though they just released him?

they did it for K.jones....the argos basiclly did it with levingston ( brought in his replacement then bash took a pay cut to stay with the team )

The esks picked up collier and braidwood in the off-season, who are both very young and talented defensive linemen. I don't see how the esks would take montford back.

Yeah he's the top FA player on the market. I love that guy.. wonder if Montreal can fit him in :wink: Naaa doesn't look like it.

Yeah. A free agent can be hired by anyone. I remember last year, the Riders even used that as a way to comply with the roster limit. They released Fred Childress prior to the season, and once they decided which of their young linemen they'd cut, they hired him back. And it was all planned, as Childress reportedly declined all offers he got from other teams while he was a free agent.

A lot of Rider fans want the club to sign Montford, but im not one of them, they should do what the esks are doing, and that is grooming younger players. If the Riders wanted a veteran to play that spot, they could have kept Benefield for the same role.

The Riders have been grooming younger guys for awile now. It was Shivers big 6 year plan.

I am almost certain Montford will be a Roughrider, in the near future. I don't see anyone else wanting him. Okay Toronto might try since they spend what ever they want to. BC also....

i agree :cowboy: sign JOE NOW :twisted: 6 years will turn into 12 years and so on and so on

well BGM, it will go on and on and on if we sign stiffs like Montford for one year. Maybe we should convice Bob Cameron to punt for us for one year, or try to lure Kent Austin out of retirement for another shot. We need to develop young talent if we are going to be a consistent winning team.

Montford is NOT a stiff :roll: get into the game :rockin: the D line needs help and JOE WILL make a difference and if TO can spend money 1 year... so can we :cowboy: if it takes us to the Grey Cup :slight_smile: i never like Benfield :thdn: he's had it... 2 old lol

And Montford is not? Thats why the esks got rid of him

IMO i think Joe still has 2 more good years before he gets to where benfield was last year :wink: and if you believe wut the eskimos say :stuck_out_tongue: i believe your cheerin 4 the wrong team :cowboy: .... i will just sit back and watch the injuries that the D line will & has had during TC and last year and say i told u so 8)

So why not bring Efrid Payton as well? We would only need Montford if an emergency situation arose. I dont think that will happen, but anything is possible.

now your talkin stupid :roll:

I do not know about that I think Sambo makes perfect sense!

well i guess we both wont know because he isnt on our team and we wont know who was right or wrong :? If Joe signs and doesnt do nothing :oops: i will be the 1st to admit i was wrong :wink: sign Joe :rockin: GO RIDERS GO!!!