Any News on Lumsden or Hill?

I’m just curious if Jesse or Kahlil will be satisfied with a practise squad paycheque or if they want to play everyday in the CFL?

Hill is here listed as #7 on the roster.
he won't be active this week
but may play in Toronto

Jessie may make redskins practice roster

Thats probably a good move for Lumsden to wait for an opportunity with the rash of injuries that can occur with running backs. It would be fun to see him back in Hamilton though.


Would Lumsden make more money on the practice squad with the Redskins or make more with the Ticats?

As well…

Wouldn’t being on a practice squad hurt your development? I am/was a hockey player so I’ll relate it this way…

As a goalie I’m pretty sure I would develop my talent better being a starting goalie for a Jr.B team than a backup for a Jr.A team (that’s what I did).

So wouldn’t it almost be better for him to come back to the Ticats?

No he'll make around 80,000 US..
about the same he'd make for 1 season here with Hamilton

Practice team fourth and fifth starters are not going to get to carry the ball in an NFL game. Especially a Canadian one who set records competing in the non competitive CIS

Still he has to take the practice roster shot and hope .

Besides the CFL money is only for less than a half season which is peanuts ,therefor I would sign a practice roster anyday on a NFL team and hope ....unless I was Printers ,then I'd take a cool $$half a million rumoured offered in the CFL and play at QB ....but thats different,QB and 5th string backup RB,to me anyway... :cowboy:

What more can he learn in the CFL where he'd be used on special teams again granted and kick returns maybe,he's done that and shown he's good,it still didn't help in the NFL,so stay and pray...I say.