Any news on Hall of Fame?

Anyone hear anything?

You're still in it, Garney. Still in it. :smiley:

Otherwise, no.

Once city hall makes a decision on the LRT they will get right on the Hall of Fame thing.

So it should be on the agenda in another five or so years.

HOF busks are inside the main gate (3) about 10 of them not sure where the rest are

Any news on HOF?

I guess that means no! Its been strangley silent!

They are taking the Hall of Fame to the fans

Kubota has modified a semi-truck into a high-tech, interactive Canadian Football Hall of Fame that will go on tour this season, bringing the history of the game to fans across the country. DeNobile explains that while he’s a born and bred Hamiltonian, he thinks it’s important to take the pieces of history that the Hall has accumulated over the years in Hamilton and take them on the road. The Hall has been in a state of transition since its downtown Hamilton location closed in 2015, with a move to Tim Horton’s Field still in the works. There are currently hundreds of artifacts tucked away in storage right now. DeNobile wants Canadian football fans to see them.
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There is the permanent exhibition under the north side end zone, but it's just part of the collection.
I don't think they will ever have a permanent building like the last one near the city hall.
I think this is a great idea, fans across the country can get to see the Hall of Fame.
Not many people visited Hamilton to see the Hall of Fame, the attendance was pathetic, 2,000 visitors in the last year at the old site. That's around 30 people a week.