Any news on a new announcer?

Like the title says, wondering who will be replacing Jason Farr as stadium announcer.Farr may not have been well liked for his style, but I for one liked it.I have a feeling we're going to have a lame-o just like in T.O., the guy doesn't even announce the downs, it's just as vanilla as "Glenn complete to Cobb", "Lemon complete to Copeland", "Glenn's pass incomplete".BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG.Wanna go to a game, not a total snooze fest. :roll:

I have been talking to the bums around Jackson Square looking for the next Ted Williams.

So far no luck, but I'm not giving up.

That was a good one alexand3r. Hopefully we do get someone exciting to listen to but not overly annoying either. The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is the new announcer will not please everyone.

I'll do it :slight_smile:

Maybe check with the guy that hangs out at the traffic lights @ Main W & Dundurn

Currently there are no open job opportunities:

Either the job hasn't been posted yet, or it has been filled with no announcement yet by the team. I wonder which it is?

Myself, I would really like the opportunity to apply for it. I currently work in an inbound Customer Service call centre. I have been told by callers that I have a "radio" voice. This, coupled with my lifetime love affair with the Ticats, could make me a serious candidate.

Could someone with the team, in the know, PM me and tell me when the job is planned on being posted? I would really appreciate the opportunity to audition.


Lets see, who do we want as ward 2 councillor next. Matt Jelly for announcer???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree!! But, I though Jason Farr was going to continue announcing for the games.

The EDSF was announced as Farr's last game as announcer.Maybe Andre S. from Y108 would like a part time job, he's got a pretty stadium-esque voice.

Contact the Hamilton Bulldogs. Their announcer does well for hockey and if he wants one should get an audition

that too :thup:
Anybody with a decent voice and a bit of life.My favorite now that Farr's gone is Edmonton's announcer.

I nominate Jamie West
(part time CHML talk show host and Owner of WestPro Media Inc.)

Click link:

I nominate Gus Johnson. :?

Bubba O’Neill

Bubba would be great! :thup:

NO THANKS!! Bubba is obnoxious and his voice annoys me to no end.

It will be interesting to see who takes over for him, but I'd like to see someone who has a good
knowledge of football and some personality.

So what you're saying is you want a change from we had previously :cowboy:

Chris Cuthbert, Matt Dunnigan or Gord Miller :rockin:

I took your advice, and spoke to this particular bum.

His voice was amazing. It was a cross between Demi Moores voice and Willie Nelsons. Like what caramel might sound like.

I dropped him off at 75 Balsam, gave him three cigarettes and told him come spring thaw, I expect big things from him.

Immediately someone approached us and tried to sell us crack. I declined. (Reluctantly but its a work night). The bum however left with the gentleman and headed east, toward Barton St.

Back to the drawing board.

Maybe we need a different colour font for sarcasm :lol: