Any news in Bowman?

Can we expect to see him back after week 9? Any news at all?

I sure hope so, he's our 2nd best receiver behind Stamps. He was also our best run blocking receiver by far. I remember watching him crack block numerous dlinemen and staying on his blocks a lot. He will be a huge uplift if he gets back in week 9

Any news yet? I cant find anything on him

Nothing man, I wonder if hes just on there cause Edmonton is keeping him there with a hang nail or something... No injury lasts this long, its been well over a year

Why extend a contract with a coach that has a losing record ? I'm sure nobody is banging on Reeds door to coach their team. I would have waited until the end of this year to decide what to do with him. Maybe they won't feel so bad if they fire him and he at least gets paid another year.

Am I caught up in a time warp or something?

Non. C'est probablement un membre d'un réseau au Pakistan qui donne des instructions à d'autres membres de son réseau via ce forum. Je les bloque régulièrement sur un autre forum, alors peut-être qu'ils ont décidé de passer par ce forum, maintenant.

Ils ont peut-être même pigé la réponse dans une chronique antérieure et reproduite intégralement ici, puisqu'elle contenait l'information qu'ils voulaient donner sans avoir à l'écrire.