Any News from the practise field?

Was Zach there? In pads? Any walking wounded beside CJ? Were both Masoli and McGee getting first team reps?

Think it was just a check back in & film day after the bye week. Not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure they didn't hit the field today.

Check in and film day!
With a record of only ONE (that's 1) win those guys should have been here working out since at least last Wednesday.
I'm loosing more and more respect for Austin.

Ummm....There is this little thing called a CBA between the CFLPA and the League , I doubt the aforementioned CBA would allow such a practice schedule , especially during a bye week .........I believe they may be allowed one extra practice this week due to not practicing last week.

So, how you can put this on Austin is beyond me.

Mainly I didn't think the CBA would be that benevolent and it was Austin who granted the time off.

They will have practice Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Tim Hortons field!

as long as they dont practise in the stands or trip pn dirt they should be safe