Any news about Ottawa ?

OUI,OUI,OUI. Certainement, ramener le nom “Rough Riders” avec le grand R sur le casque. Et aussi ramener la rivalité entre les Rough Riders et les Alouettes comme la belle époque des années '70. D’accord ?:smiley: :thup:

If they call them the Rough Riders I will scalp your season tickets for you. :wink:

I never liked the Roughriders name, as it made the CFL a joke to outsiders, as how could a 9 team league have 2 teams of the same name. I like the Renegades name, as it has a ring to it. The "R" on the helmet looked kinda cheap, like they had no money to buy real helmets, and probably bought them cheap from some college!

SOOOO you're saying they weren't wearing real helmets then ? OKAY, I guess they were wearing toques with the letter R emblazened on them then. Sure, Ok :roll:

Arguments like yours are pretty stupid…the team was called the “Ottawa Rough Riders” two words the Saskatchewan team is called Roughriders - one word.

What about the NFL??? Why are there two teams with the same name - New York???

You know does it really matter, as long as there is good management and a strong fan base. If they did bring back the RR name then it might spark some fans to rally around the team. Heck they could bring back some of the old players to announce it ... well maybe not Ron Stewart!! (I am not even an Ottawa Fan and I voted for Jackson/Tucker in the QB/Receiver poll.

You're right Leofan - the marketing of the team, and its management and leadership, will do a LOT more than simply calling them the Rough Riders again.