Any news about Ottawa ?

Has anyone heard anything about the new team ?

It would be wonderful if the CFL would at least let us know that they had met with the potential ownership groups as planned last week. I can understand the CFL keeping a lid on negotiations but cmon throw us a bone for crying out loud - the cold war is over

I believe this indicates that the league is not in a rush to come back to Ottawa despite the lost T.V. ratings this year.

Last report in our local newspaper, nothing in 2007, maybe in 2008. They still haven't found a suitable owner yet.

(PS have you guys voted out your wacko Mayor yet who was part of the problem?)

Election is November 13th.

It seems more and more that this process is just going to fade away. The cone of silence is deafening.

Interesting comments from Taman:

"We lost the Ottawa franchise and then, almost on the same day, we said we were going to try to put another expansion team in the Capital Region. In their brief history, the Renegades never won more games than they lost, but they'd finally built a pretty good team. So we fold the franchise and we get rid of their players and then we say we'll start over next year and give them another team that they have to build from scratch. Isn't that kind of counter-productive?"

Did the CFL give timeline for selection of a group ? I thought they gave a date at some point. Does anyone know ?

Initially they had a loose timeline of October 31st,then made it a point on numerous occasions to say they were following no timelines..D'Angelo group is now out of the running. So they are now "negotiating" with one group. So IMO either we'll hear something in the new year about the Palmer group getting the franchise or that they have been turfed. The optimist in me says the former but the realist thinks the latter

Hopefully for Ottawa the Palmer group has shown enough be to granted the franchise. I was always a little leery of DeAngelo but a group of investors may have their drawbacks as well as there always seem to be some infighting later on. Hope somebody steps up, Ottawa should be in the league.

Now that D'Angelo is out, give the friggin' team to Palmer and quit stalling, you morons (the CFL BOG,that is ). :x

Maybe the BOG has talked Eugene Melnyk in to taking over the team with Jeff Hunt as President. Apparently Melnyk would have done this before if the city of Ottawa would sell the stadium to him so he could make it a more viable operation.
With the present Mayor running third in the polls maybe that is now a possiblity. That would be the best solution.

I really hope there is something happening behind the scenes, that would explain the lack of updates being provided to the fans of Ottawa. I am extremely dissapointed with the progress on this so far.

The silence is deafening. What is the hold up ? Kosmos was on the Team 1200 this morning and said that even Dan Rambo is part of the Palmer group. So, what, exactly, is the problem ? Are they waiting to announce it during Grey Cup week or does the CFL have a problem with this group too ? :?

Rambo? I missed that interview. Actually thats great news, very credible guy, in Ottawa and with the league. I really hope news of some kind comes out Grey Cup week.

I just listened to the D'Angelo interview on the Fan website, and I gotta say, I think he would have been a great owner....

The Ottawa situation needs to be resolved before the 2008 season.
Hopefully, someone out there is getting Jeff Hunt involved.
I'm disapointed 2007 is already out!

Negotiations have entered the third phase - it's likely the announcement could come during the Grey Cup week.

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They better call the team the Rough Riders or I will be mad. Pay Chen the $100K and get it over with. No one wants the Renegades.

I live in Southern Ontario, but if they name the team Rough Riders, I will but a cheap set of season tickets to help out. I will never get up there to see a game but... I want the big "R" on the black helmet.

I want merchandise too.

For the record, I am a season ticket holder of the Ticats!!!

As for D'Angelo... I think the CFL is keeping him in their pocket in case the Toronto Ownership ever bows out.

He would be a PERFECT fit to buy the Argos!!

Selling football and beer in Canada's biggest city!!!

le plus beau stade au pays une des plus belle ville de football et pas d'équipe vite et ca presse s.v.p.oublié les renégades et ramener les rough riders

They should really do it with 2 teams, huge coverage there will be…yes yes. Ottawa and Halifax is a must. Even if both teams have 2 people in attendance at first…gotta spend money to make money. Something the Glieberman’s never seem to understand when it comes to football. Did they inherit their money or something?

Amen, brother. I would love to see the old "R" again. I miss it especially at Grey Cup time. :thup: