Any news about new stadium in Winnipeg or renos at McGill?

Is there anyone with an update on the status of renovations at Percival Molson or the feasibility study that was supposed to be going on in Winnipeg about a new stadium/waterpark?

So with a combined waterpark and stadium would they be able to put a gyser on just as an opposing team player was about to cross the line flinging him back 50 yards?

For Als, check their website,

The discussion about whether to build a new stadium in Peg is still very preliminary.

Ok thats wierd!

When I left click the link its not the Als page. Righ click and opend in new window and it is thge right page!

For me its random, sometimes it is the AL's site, sometimes not. Either way its still weird.

I looked at the expansion project thing, and I know some french but I'm not fluent (its only in french) so I didn't know what it said. But based on the pictures it looks great.

the endzone stands shoulda been twice as high, IMO.

Phase 3 maybe?

The link should work now.



...Winnipegs' interest in a new stadium is still quite high...the site selection is becoming a stumbling block...the downtown core is being looked at will be awhile settling on just where to build it... :?

how long would it take to build the stadium, once they decide on the location?

Check this photo of McGill in 1997

...i haven't heard the time frame for that it would depend on the site no'1.....they might have to tear down existing structures if it 2. the actual design they settle on would dictate time frame as well..(could include new arena etc.) whatever can't happen too soon ..

I never knew McGill was THAT badly deteriorated before the als started playing there... :o

try 35,000

and hopefully Winnipeg will have a new stadium on the way soon.

hm, things are definably better there in Quebec since the "war".

Yeah, thats really bad.