Any New News About Dome Stadium???

Back in December there was an article about Regina looking to get a domed stadium.

Has there been any new news???

Delusions of grandeur. We go through this every time there is a new conservative government. I remember back when I was in the military and the Mulroney government was first elected and there was talk about Canada acquiring nuclear submarines and brand new tanks etc. etc. etc. and then as generally follows quick in the heals of a conservative government, there is an economic down turn and the talk is quickly forgotten.

We are heading into a recession that will only be worsened by the Great Depression of the 1930s. Lets survive this before we start pumping money into a domed stadium. The economy will likely get worse before it picks up and with Saskatchewan so dependent on the price of oil and with it now bottoming out, the days of surplus government revenue have ended for the time being.

And for those who think that a new stadium will benefit the economy, it will only benefit Regina's and that is a NDP stronghold. North Central Regina is as strong of NDP area as there is. Brad Wall probably is not all that concerned about the plight of our cities. Why would he? They are mostly NDP seats now anyways. If any money is going to go to "infra-structure" it is going to the rural areas where the Saska-tories are the strongest. Little towns that have less people than a lot of apartments blocks in Regina will get new skating rinks, artifical ice for their curling rinks, and subsidized housing for seniors. The only way Regina will get something from Brad Wall is if it has something in it for him, like a bribe.

Wow. How can you type with that red sash in your eyes?

Isn't Regina's barn getting a whole bunch of upgrades for the WJHC? Saskatoon's too.