Any new Import DB's in camp?

With Frazier hurt, and Heard on the DL, has anyone heard if we have new Import DB's in camp?I know we have enough Non-import DB's, but we're thin on imports.

They were practicing Kornegay at DB ( and Kye Stewart at weak-side ), and we have Chris McKenzie. I'm not sure if they're going with Kornegay to start, or if Kornegay just needed the extra practice to be able to play backup.

My verdict on Kornegay's play at LB still hangs in the balance. As much as that is true, I don't want to experiment with him at DB EVER AGAIN! He's below par at any of the DB positions IMO.

I disagree. I thought Kornegay played good at CB last year when he replaced Johnson. I personally think Halfback is a better fit for him, but we will see I guess. I haven't been super happy about his play at LB so far.
As long as he doesn't start returning kicks again I will be happy.

If that's what you saw then I respect that. But man, I must have seen about 15 of his stinkers when I was specifically looking to evalute him. Not kidding.

Well, we now have one less NI DB in camp. Konrad Wasiela got released today.