Any New Free Agents on the Cats Radar???

Have any fans heard about any new free agents that might be signed by Hamilton, I would have thought if Sandro DeAngles was a possibility for signing with the team that he would have been signed by Obie by now but maybe Sandro is not on the Cats list of potential free agents?? Maybe Jeremy Ito will be our kicker/punter for 2010 season?

Good signings recently by Obie with Poole, Shivers and Mann and Gilbert coming to the team I thought we might have one or two more players by now but I guess the team is waiting to see if the players sign elsewhere? I thought with Sandro out of Calgary and not wishing to re-sign that he might sign with the Argo's and follow Jim Barker and now Copeland to the team from the Stamps.

I still hope that Sandro DeAngles signs with the Tiger-Cats and joins the team soon it would be great to have him on the team for the 2010 season and beyond that would give us a great Canadian player at that spot and a local player from just down in Niagara Falls.

Do Ti-Cat fans know about any other players that Cat management may be interested in or who would you like to see in Black and Yellow this coming season???

I have a feeling we're looking into Sandro, Middlebrooks and James Johnson or Steven Holness.Would love to see this however:
Sandro Deangelis K
Willie Middlebrooks DB
Jonathon Brown DE
James Johnson DB

Well D'uh! (no disrespect). Wouldn't that be great! :smiley:

Most likely that Sandro is asking for way too much money. No offence to kickers but it would be dumb to waste a lot of salary on one.

I think it has more to do with Sandro still trying to get an NFL contract. He's in no rush. There will be room for him in the CFL if and when he decides to show up.

i think he s a great kicker put he cant punt so i dont know if the cats want to waste 2 spots for a kicker and punter. And it pains me to think besides setta we havent had a good fg kicker in here since Ozzy and hes been gone for what 4 or 5 years those 2 or 3 b4 setta were tough long hauls we gotta do something. Kicking in the cfl is a very imoprtant part of the game. But obbies done right by my so far he will figure something out im sure

That is why the Setta release makes less and less sense every day.

Nick's release still smells like Denmark.

Sometimes it's hard to separate a fan favorite from actual on field performance and the cost of performance. The Tiger Ctas are a buisness and if you don't perform you are on the bubble. I like Nick for his off field accomplishments - providing shoes to underprivelaged children. A great person on and off the filed - however if you fail to produce - fan favorite or not consider yourself - gone. Perhaps the Cats were paying too much for Nick in the first palce and were waiting on Jeremy Ito kid who was obviously on Obie's radar screen. I give Obie a vote of confidence and trust we will make the team much better than last year. Think positivley and remember the Salary Cap and wiggle room that is needed to be successful.

Especially one who only does half of the required job. I've said it before and I'll say it again (hopefully without upsetting anyone too much) I'd rather have 1 guy do both jobs even if he is an American. As mentioned in the article, the only way it makes sense to have 2 guys doing the job is if both are Canadian and we don't have that right now. I wonder if O'Billovich has Pat Fleming on speed dial. :wink:

Hendy, I don't know if that move will ever NOT smell.

What are you talking about it smells. It's quite simple under performing and over paid equals your gone.
This is a business not a charity this rationale... Quinton Porter is next???

I didn't know that Quinton was the highest paid QB in the CFL,

I thought he was still getting the money he signed for as rookie. :wink: :smiley:

If anyone was gonna be next it would have to be the highest paid running back in the CFL.. You know that guy who backs up Cobb?... :lol:

All joking a side I hope Kenton Keith stays healthy this season and we can have the best running back 1,2(and also 3 with Tre Smith) punch in the CFL hands down..