Any moves before the trade deadline?

Just wanted to put it out there for fun - if you were Cats GM, what type of trade offer would you consider to help in a playoff run or solidify us for next year?

I’ll take a stab and offer Don Jackson to Ottawa as a dynamic back and kick returner to help offset the loss of Dedmon for either a) Sharrod Baltimore as a quality db to help replace Frankie Williams or b) Lewis Ward (we can always dream).

I would trade Condell to Winnipeg for Buck Pierce.

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Ottawa won't (or at least shouldn't be) interested in any 'win now' or temporary injury fill in moves. They only want pieces to build next year with. For this reason I would be shocked dead if they moved Ward. He is one of those pieces. Ottawa will be looking to collect those kind of pieces, not dump.

Let's just suppose that I'm hired as the GM in Ottawa ...
Steinauer: hey pdog, what do you want for Ward?
me: Revenberg

Conversation over.

Condell for a Buck a' Piece? That's a fair trade...

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Sounds about right. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I see the other teams heading to the playoffs making moves to shore up or add depth for the playoffs... Hoping we make some moves. Especially with Addison going down and our losing at least one good player a game trend.

The trade deadline is days away

Donald T.


      ............... Your fired !!

We are getting desperately short in the cupboard on O-Lineman and DB's .
The problem is if there is anyone out there and available for the asking and for the right price .

I honestly only see two sellers in Ottawa and Edmonton with a third possibly being BC at the deadline and honestly looking at these teams rosters there isn't much there that I can see in the form of immediate help in these two areas .

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Less than 48 hrs., now.
This Wednesday, the 27th, at 5 p.m. our time.

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DB's there is some depth but agree with oline lacking depth

Not too sure on that . The depth chart for the Ottawa game showed only 1 back-up dressed who was rookie Katsantonis . Frankie is still out as well as veteran Cdn Mike Daly likely gone for the season on the 6 gm IL .

The only other DB's we have are all currently on the PR and have played some but very little this season or not at all . Also they are all CFL rookies with very little gameday experience .

PR D-Backs currently listed are...

Channing Stribling (dressed for 3 games this season)
Anthoula Kelly (dressed for 3 games this season)
Adonis Davis ( has yet to dress this season )

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Yeah I get what you mean, I meant there was at least a few DB's on PR but Oline there is only 1 who hasn't played yet so a bit more depth at DB . safety spot for Ticats has been national for a while and i can't think of a national safety ticats could try to trade for .

What is the time line on Frankie's return?

That would be a large factor in who you go after if it is potentially long term. I guess it is hard to tell with a concussion.

Paging Delvin Breaux.

Sorry, I missed the annoucement where you were hired GM and/or HC.

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Football Ops Consultant Intern. Unpaid volunteer, cap friendly.


We are supposed to be dialing back fan opinions. Sorry, but the guy is out of control.


Now, an hour after the deadline passed, nothing reported, league wide.

Haven't read no update other then he isn't playing this week and it's not confirmed it's a concussion but it's a Tad obvious it is

I believe Kelly (the DB) was released this week . Kelly the LB should be an eastern all star . :+1:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)