Any Luck for U.S. broadcast today?

The guides for espn3 and NBC sports network do not list today's game. :cry:

Hope one of the two change there minds before 5:00 PM EST. :wink:

No TV today, I have Directv and the next CFL games are Tuesday and Friday night.
Good luck with ESPN 3, my internet carrier which is the biggest in Florida (Century Link) won't carry ESPN 3.

I will watch on one of the "unofficial" sites, I see that the US government shut down "first row"

It is really disapointing to me that NBC SN does not have the Labor Day game scheduled for broadcast today. Listed in that 3 hour span they have 3peat of Star spangled sundays? this does not make any sense

star spangled sundays??
last year we used the excuse that they were committed to MLS, that's obviously not the case this year. I'm guessing they only signed to broadcast a few CFL games per month.

Hmm, it's listed here on the CFL web site for NBCSN:

Monday, September 2

5:00pm ET



I just switched on NBCSN and right now they are showing English Premier League til 5PM and Star Spangled from 5PM.

Bummer...No ESPN3 either... anyone have a link?

Very surprising as well that it is not on ESPN3. Every game now for the last two season's have all been on ESPN3 even games that were on NBC SN. The only games that were not on ESPN3 were the 4 that were on ESPN2 network.

In other words, this is the first CFL game in two seasons that people in the US currently have absolutely no access to. And without any explanation. Hope whoever pulled the plug on this is having a happy Labor Day/Labour Day.

The TSN announcers say the game is being broadcast on NBCSN.

Well, it isn't. Not on NBCSN; not on ESPN3. It's like the game vanished from US airwaves with no explanation.

What a shame too, sounded like a great ending. Was looking fwd to seeing the game. Blows. :frowning:

Wow, makes the league look dumb.

Don't you mean TSN. They were the ones welcoming "Our American viewer's on NBCSN"

Oh well, its pretty amazing the ratings they're getting. I'm pretty sure whoever was responsible at NBCSN or whomever probably got in a lot of trouble over that. The CFL ratings have been pretty high on NBCSN and they probably will fight over games with ESPN from now on getting that kind of numbers with 0 American teams in the league.

I think both TSN and the announce that game is on south of the border and to have it listed on the league's website and then to have the rug pulled out...not good for either! But I see what you are saying.

No NBCSN, no ESPN, and I also couldn't find it on the "unoffical" site on the web that re-broadcasts TSN games. It was blanked out with ads but the sound was there, that's the first time that happened.

Hmmm...I tried to catch a bit on NBCSN, but at 7PM I noticed no game and some untimely and not time-sensitive documentary about NFL safety. I wonder now if NBCSN will deliver tonight?

Maybe someone at NBCSN literally mailed it on on Labor Day in some sort of protest. Maybe they just ditched their job, and when backup was called they just ran with some documentary in their holiday weekend stash instead of worrying about carriage of a live broadcast.

How I wish I was around to know of the problems getting the game so that I could find a site for you all so that you could watch the game.

I'll be around to help out tonight just in case, because this is high BS especially considering all the college football hype all weekend. :thdn:

I've had trouble with video and received only audio before with that site too, but I don't think it has been shut down. There are alternatives, and I'll keep you posted especially for September for games not on Sunday.

How I wish this weekend there were not two CFL games on Sunday!

[url=] ... /video/228[/url]

In case anyone wants to watch it after the fact.