Any.......... KIM MITCHELL......... fans?

Just to break up the heavy fighting around here , lately. :lol:

KIM MITCHELL, has a fantastic new GREATEST HITS CD out now…with a bonus… LIVE DVD…filmed at , The KEE TO BALA in Ontario.[1989]

It was filmed by MUCH MUSIC ’ S Big Ticket concert series people in , 1989.

[The year of the SASK R. RIDERS] :smiley:

The CD + DVD… is called …" FILL YOUR HEAD with ROCK " and it is just GREAT. :shock: :smiley: :smiley:

I used to think he was singing about an Irish girl named
Patty O'Lantern

I liked him better with Max Webster, Hangover, great tune with Rush...

He used to always sing at the Argos tailgate back when they were outside that Brewery. The Good old days, back when Flutie was captain of the ship.

me too.

BATTLE SCAR..........and if you are a RUSH fan the fall they are releasing a live DVD of their 30 Anniversary tour. :smiley:

I have his first 6 albums. I haven't listened to them in a long time.
Battle Scar is probably one of his best songs. I imagine they still play a couple of his songs on MMM (the medium through which I first heard him). Not my type of music anymore, though, but I still like Honey Forget those Blues; cool song.

"Might as well go for a soda......" "That's a man....." Only have one album. But another fine example of how america doesn't give respect in entertainment where it's do!

Don't forget "Rock & Roll Duty" (complete with a built-in mic check in the video) and "Rockland Wonderland"

I guess you have the CD .......AKIMBO ALOGO.


This new CD + live DVD is just great. :shock: :smiley:

he is starting to sell allot more in the U.S. ,now........check for the set list........if you want to.

I'd much rather listen to Kim sing and play guitar than do his show as the afternoon drive guy on Q-107. He's not bad, but I just don't think he should have been handed the job with no radio experience.

yes, but he does know music.