Any Interest

Free Press is reporting that both Ty Williams & Kelly Bates are on the trading block.

Think there will be any interest from around the league, maybe in Bates but I doubt Williams, too old.

i could definately see teams being interested in Bates

bombers will only deal if they can find someone better than lefors :wink: so if your son (or grandson) can throw a ball im sure we can work out a deal! :lol:

Williams i can see because Dorian Smith has won that other defensive tackle spot in my opinion. Plus, with the U of M product (name slips me right now) who played in place of Brown, you have a good NI backup. No need for Ty Williams right now, although I like the guy.

Curious on Bates, I thought he'd been one of the better O-linemen so far.

You're thinking of Donnie O (I know his last name I just can`t spell it off the top of my head lol)

I wouldnt think trading Bates is a good idea, I mean youre trying to build chemistry on your O-Line, and its highly unusual to see teams moving offensive linemen mid-season. The only way I see Bates going is if its a deal tilted in the Bombers favour, but I could see Williams. With Smith and Donnie O we got depth, Williams is a bit older while Smith and Donnie O are younger, if hes not stepping up he could be expendable.

Obie will trade Kelly a container of turtle wax that Kelly can shine his head with if Kelly will just finally admit publically that aquiring these two greybeards were two dumb moves in the first place.

Kelly: leading the league in trying to trade guys that no one will trade for. In fact, still early in the 2009 season, I think Kelly's already set a new Galactic record for that.

Both those guys had nowhere to go…Who knows what goes through Kock Knocker’s mind? Maybe one too many sun stroke…

Maybe Kelly will get impatient again and Hamilton can have them for free :smiley:
Seriously though, I see both of them attracting at least modest interest.

Salary dump.

I dont believe this...I DONT believe this!!
They are already starting to trade their players...the ultimate warning sign of a shaky football program.

Good. Better to try to trade them first then just cut someone who someone else might be willing to give you something for. Any good GM is going to try to trade players before they cut them.

trading kelly bates would be a very bad idea right now in my books.

trading bates would be a horrible decision. our new o line has surprisingly protected lefors fairly well and we have the top run game in the league, with that muich chemistry on the line early in the season itd be stupid to mess with it... williams i understand cuz we have other vets on the line and we are deep with young talent.

Bates & Williams for Bruce and 2 muzzles. :lol:

....why would anyone trade anything for him.....just wait till he hits the open market and throw some cash his way....I think that'll be the book on Arland...We sure know how that one goes in the Peg...don't we piggy... :lol: :lol:

And every one dumped on poor Wally for dumping those two.......Wow, now Winnipeg doesn't want them.

...i think the only one going will be Williams.....Bates isn't playing that badly...while Tyronne has seen better days...way too slow now.. :wink:

When D-linemen drop off, it's sad to see. It's the one position where that lost half-step really shows.

oh I agree, if they get a bag of footballs for him they will have done well. I thought the 2 muzzles was tempting though. :stuck_out_tongue: