any interest in LB Shane Horton, just released by the Argos?

TSN reporter Matthew Sciannitti reported a few days ago that Toronto released Horton, after trying unsuccessfully to sign him to an extension. Horton asked for his release because he was unhappy with his current role on the Argos. Sciannitti also tweeted:

And I’m hearing Horton has already been in contact w players on other teams - esp #Ticats -attempting to feel out other situations #CFL

Horton is a good player, but I can’t see signing him to replace any of our starting LB’s. Maybe sign him as a special teamer to strenthen the playoff run?

im assuming Horton wasnt a starter?

maybe he'd like to come here to play a completely different role.. the role of a snitch. we could get valuable info from this man for our very important games vs arholes

8) Horton was released by the Argos on Oct. 3, and the Cats brought in another International Linebacker yesterday,
  so they had a chance to sign Horton, but appear to have opted for this other player.

  They may still bring Horton in for a look see.  Nothing wrong with checking him out .  
   It seems like they have done alright with another Argo cut,  Terrell Sinkfield !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

And a Horton to play at Tim Horton Field what the hell more can we ask. :cowboy: