Any interest in an NFL pool?

I don't think there will be any shortage of OC's that would want to work with Russell Wilson

Very true. The trick may be for Carroll to find a guy that sees the game as he does. But he will.

See, here's what is strange about this at all. Carroll has had an offensive coordinator in his past at USC who indeed did see things his way and we all know the successful story of those teams. His name was Norm Chow. He has massive credentials including many future pro QB stars, but they were almost entirely in college but for some high school and until a short stint in the XFL last year and two years with the Tennessee Titans.

Norm Chow will turn 75 years old in May, so it's probably too late, but there has to be another guy with that short of experience out there you would think though very few with his resume are left.

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks


Rams +7.5 Teaser
Bucs +145
Bucs/Saints Over 52


BUF - could be snow in Buffalo(shocking!), advantage to BLT, but I'll still take BUF
NO - bobo :sunglasses:

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LA ( yup)

Grover why do you think snow in Buffalo helps Baltimore?

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I think it's just because of their running game and a running QB in Lamar Jackson

Ya... snow helps both offenses imo. They know where they are going.
tough game...i expect pretty high scoring unless it snows all game. I'm allowing my fandom to rule in these games.

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With Brady going against Brees, We could call this game the Senior Bowl! :rofl:


Bills (snow or no snow)
Saints (Bobo)

Good luck to all.

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You may have your wish. The news out a few hours ago about this is on the NFL thread.

Shoot, just for playing this game in that venue, give them each a 1988 Mercedes of their choice and wish them well in retirement whether either returns or not.

For the Geezers out there, the game is on Fox such that it won't interrupt 60 Minutes at its regularly-scheduled time, except of course on the West Coast.

Back to you, Pat (only a few will get that part too).

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Aaron Rodgers making Rams #1 Defence look like Swiss Cheese!

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CLE loses tight game right to the end with Mahomes out of the game.
Pretty good game to watch!

Uncalled blatent helmet to helmet hit at the goal line causing a touchback,
This will be this years "Blatent horrible botched call " like the one against the Saints a couple years back!

Should have been 24-19 Browns if that fumble is called properly .

Screaming at the TV set . The ticky tack push off call earlier was also suspect .

Browns could have stopped the run better though they did have a chance to stop them .

The receiver involved could have just held the ball instead of extending his arm.

As for the missed call , it was missed as the official was ball watching.

Surprisingly there was no call for review.

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Surprisingly, Helmet to helmet contact is NOT reviewable

And the NFL cares about safety?


bobo's up 6 - 0 on 2 FG's! :+1: