Any interest in an NFL pool?

For sure both Brees and Brady looked OLD. I say the jury is out on both.

I had a bad week in going 6-10. I'll give it another go all month but on the other hand I sure am not going to be wagering.

There is a craptastic game again on Thursday night Bengals at Browns that won't even be on network TV.

I'll pick the Bengals but like many don't give a rip about watching such crap on Thursday nights.

I actually thought Brady looked comfortable and able but had a predictably rough start. I didn't think he looked old.

He hasn't had any real game practice in TB at all. We'll see how he progresses.

I thought Russell Wilson was unreal. As too was Aaron Rodgers.

Any way I went 8-7 and will post a slate of picks later this week.

I went 10-5 week 1 :grinning:

Week 2

[quote="Grover I went 10-5 week 1 ]

Nice week. I did a quick scan of your picks but actually had you at 9-6. Must have missed one.


Ah darnit I misread - he already picked week 2

I remember I made a mistake another time, but it was somebody elses fault! :wink:

Yes I counted the last game wrong, it is 9-6
It was an absolute horrible game won on a last play field goal by Tenn. after their kicker missed his first 4 attempts thru the game. :nauseated_face:

Maybe Lirum should stand by the phone?

Thank you for correcting. :eye:

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ya...i think he will get another game given his outstanding history. He looked like me standing over a 3 foot putt after 3 putting all day.

Week 2

LV Raiders

Bengals so far for me for the awful Thursday night game and then I will pick the rest in a few days

why assume it will be an awful game on Thursday night.

My prediction and usually is with those sorry teams - good luck

...because the bengals and browns are not particularly good teams maybe? Could be a struggle, entertainment-wise....

...but maybe they’re evenly matched, which could be entertaining...I’ll still watch it I suppose...

Glass half full...divisional rivals forever...1st round draft pick in QB Burrows for Bengals., and Mayfield in 2018 for Cleve...stand alone game...Beckham...evenly matched imo

...all good points...there was a rumour floating around today that Beckham wanted a trade...

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Can you blame him?

Niners, Ravens, and Packers are rumoured.

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All better alternatives but then with Beckham comes the baggage - he had been lofted up as the best only because he played in New York by that New York media as many other receivers performed better let alone in worse QB situations did not whine as did he. He lived the high life there too. What a diva.

And so karma prevailing and he got sent to Cleveland so HA! No tears for him so we'll see what bargain the others can strike for him especially if Beckham wants to carry all the baggage with him.

Odell, carry some of your own bags in life. Skycaps are not going to do it always for you.

Obviously for all his talent I would love to see him do better for the good of the game. As a person with so much yet whining more than any other receiver, no I do not wish him well.

Yeah he was a poor teammate on the largest platform in the league-New York City.
They got rid of him with a vengeance...traded him to the bottom of the barrel out of conference team Cleveland. But like a lot of receivers in the the NFL and CFL he's a head case and wasting his talent.

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I hope he flops and then strikes out on his own accord for the diva he has been, and then of course some in the media because he was in New York will expect us to feel sorry for him.

When or if he's penitent and becomes his age not going on 20 or so, sure. Otherwise he's another one of these guys in his mid-20s going on 19 or 20.

Maybe somebody can get through to him still. They did for other players of such talent and ability who squandered much of it and resorted to whining.

...Belechik can sort him out...


Unlike Antonio Brown no doubt ...