Any interest in an NFL pool?

Anybody interested in setting up a weekly won/lost NFL pool.

I'm interested in participating but cannot run it. Anybody?

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I am not capable of running it, but I would love to participate.

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Doesn't look good Grover.

Somebody who is good with cloud-based sites could do this I figure. I have the skills, but I am not great with it enough to run a pool.

And there have to be serious ground rules about communication to whomever would do this, for nobody wants to sign up for an inbox full of like 12 messages of rah-rah and innocuous comments every damn day during the week. I've seen that sorry horse ride before.

And then there is always that one guy who is too lazy to read with "Well, I set up my account. How do I pick my teams?" and other inane questions that are easily answered on the site.

With some serious ground rules in place with somebody with the skills and talent, and a general agreement here of what NOT TO DO, it could work. Absent that, it's very difficult to make it an enjoyable experience.

I think you are making this more onerous than I was suggesting.
Think the Dave thread of picking the weeks CFL games on this site.

A thread listing the games.
Then posters making their picks in that thread
Then the leader of it totals each poster's w/l every week and puts that in thread.

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Oh yeah that was what Big Dave did, and it was a lot of work for him along with some of the challenges I mentioned as noted above.

Big Dave laid out excellent ground rules, but there are always a few who don't read or don't pay attention and make it very much harder!

Well I don't like the opening night game concept anyway because it's a glorified religious ceremony for usually the defending champion anyway.

And they picked a weak opponent for the Chiefs too, but we'll see if they can screw it up.

I'll just go ahead and pick winners for Week 1 for fun straight up.

Use the order on the slate at the top to make it easy for you.

I don't know the teams in depth, so I am just spitballing too. This is a good test of bare gut instincts for me and nothing more. Have fun with your picks if you wish too. You don't have to make them every week either, so there is no pressure.

For me the night games are often the hardest to pick and the ones I generally avoid when gambling lest I feel an upset coming against a medium to heavy favourite.

Eagles (will be close and tough)
Vikings (should be close)
Colts (close)
Lions (Lions always tend to make it close even when dominating)
Bengals (battle of the awful here)

so are you volunteering to run this every week?

No but I like the idea of just posting my picks for a few weeks early in the season. It's something else to do with no CFL.

Normally I am picking games to bet lines in September anyway, but no I am wary of any such gambling action this year given all the potential for players to have to sit out come Saturday night.

I do not think for you, but I figure there are onlookers now perhaps picking something that is not games! :open_mouth:

So please all, you are picking anyway now some of you so please go ahead and make some picks for this weekend.

It's just for fun and testing your instincts. There is no trophy. And it makes for some discussion about bad beats even without bets too.

I'm taking the Stamps over the Als in tonight's game. :smiley:

Alright, quit picking your whatever and make your picks all. It's just for fun. You don't get a participation trophy. It's too late to pick the Chiefs, so on with the rest. You too Everyman.

I'm in :+1:t2:


lv raiders
la rams

C'mon now, you chimed in you pick too please - the games!

Sorry, Paolo. I don't even know all the team names anymore, let alone the quality of players and coaches on them.

Was glad to see the Stamps won Thursday night though. :wink:

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Yes how I wish we all here miss our CFL action so much too.

Today should be exciting action as compared to yet another boring Thursday night crappy hype-fest. Go figure even with that exciting Chiefs' offence, the ratings tanked as compared to last year's poopfest on cue in Chicago. The NFL sure put those boring Bears on night games a lot last season, so maybe that awful decision is past us at the very least.

The NFL has expanded this awful trend of Thursday night games too with the first this week instead of the usual wait for a few weeks. And like this week, those match-ups are poo and they'll probably do the stupid Color Rush thing too. Word is those Browns will wear their full poops too. Idiots.

Oof - 5-9 so far so good thing I am not gambling!

Seahawks, Bills and Raiders won, I'm happy

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7-6 to date and I watched a lot of ball as well. Not overly compelling overall I found but thought Rams looked very solid.
I thought Brady , while looking comfortable, had a rough day. I guess that was predictable enough in hindsight.
Cam Newton had a good day and certainly changes the look and game plan of the Patriots. And give Pats their due. They developed a completely new offensive game plan rather than sprinkling in some changes. They went all in.

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