Any information on today's practice? 05/29/2008

Has anyone heard any reports on today's practice. I realize that it is just the first day but you never know something interesting might of happened.

Former NFLers looking for fresh start

By: David Winer

[i]May 29, 2008 08:14 PM - To refer to it as the first day of Argos rookie camp would be a misnomer.

The Toronto Argonauts’ rookie camp, in name only, opened today at University of Toronto Mississauga.

Officially slated as mini-camp, before the veterans are expected to report this weekend, the session featured veteran CFL quarterbacks Kerry Joseph and Michael Bishop taking snaps from centre, slinging the ball downfield to a former Super Bowl champion, while a former Pro Bowl receiver took in the action with much interest.

If all goes well and they have indeed returned to full health, Joseph’s principal receiving targets for the upcoming CFL campaign will be a couple of former NFL wideouts and Texas natives, David Boston and Bethel Johnson.

Boston, who has not yet received official clearance from team doctors to practice, stood at midfield, helmet off, as the Argo rookies went through their first day of practice under a brilliant summer sun.

Johnson, who like Boston also ran out of opportunities in the NFL due to a wonky knee, was running at full strength.

Queried about his health, Johnson snapped, “Did you see me out there??

The surprised reporter nodded his head, “You were flying!?

Only then did Johnson allow himself to flash a warm smile. The former New England Patriots receiver, who won Super Bowl rings in 2004 and 2005, said, “I’m 100 per cent healthy. It feels good out here running around.

“The (CFL) field feels wide to me, but it’s still football.?

Johnson, 29, who arrived in Mississauga only yesterday, and sheepishly admitted he’s never travelled outside of the United States, wouldn’t say whether he’s given up his pursuit of returning to the NFL. However, he did say his attention is solely on making the Argos.

“Right now I’m in the CFL and my focus is on getting the job done here.?

Asked about the possibility of lining up opposite Boston, Johnson said, “I never played with him, but he’s a great player. He can only help us. Our goal here is to win.?

While Boston, also 29, doesn’t possess two Super Bowl rings, the former Ohio State standout can speak of his amazing third season with the Arizona Cardinals when he caught 98 passes for 1,598 yards, often embarrassing would-be tacklers, thanks to his gigantic muscular build, by literally swatting them out of the way.

However, what followed for the NFL all-star was a positive test for steroids, a DUI charge and, just as damaging, injuries that would never quite heal.

Boston thought he had found a home last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, only to re-injure his ankle in the first game.

Perceived as damaged goods after five games with the Miami Dolphins in 2005 and one game with the Buccaneers, Boston decided to kick-start his sagging career by joining the Argonauts.

An imposing 6-foot-1, muscle-bound specimen, Boston denied that his chiselled physique might have led to injuries in the NFL.

“I’m the same weight, 230-235 (pounds),? said Boston, as if to brush off such thoughts. “It’s the left knee.?

Which, Boston emphatically states, is ready to go.

“I’m looking forward to (the CFL). It’s a new experience. It should be fun. I’ve watched (game) tape,? Boston added in reference to the wide-open CFL game, which emphasizes passing.

Suggesting that his past is just that, Boston said he hopes to be “a good example to some of the younger guys.?

As father to Alaia Gianna, who turned three on May 1, and Jaylen James, who was born last September, Boston has two other reasons to be a good example.[/i]

Thank You for the update. Sounds very positive.