Any Info On A New Als Helmet ?

Any of you Als fans have any insight on this ?

So far in 2017, I have only seen a white helmet.

Have the Als officially dropped the silver ?

I am curious more than I care.

I think the silver looks better, but the white is sharp also.

Just wondering.

If I am not mistaken, they wore the white helmet last season. I do not recall seeing the silver one.

They alternated last year between both.

J'ai l'impression qu'on verra davantage les casques blancs cette saison, d'autant plus que le nouveau blanc est plus près de celui du chandail que le précédent ne l'était.

Probably will wear white helmets with white jerseys and grey with red jerseys, which is what I prefer.

They ditching the 3rd jersey also? I have a game worn 3rd jersey helmet, it is simply gorgeous the jersey on the other hand is meh...

Pour ce que ça vaut, les chandails alternatifs ne sont pas en liquidation cette année, aussi on peut penser qu'ils seront conservés.

That helmet is great. My son is a member of the 425. If you ever want to sell it, PM me please.

Just from an outsider in Calgary.

Love the white helmets. :thup:

Reminds me of the sharp look Als had from the 80's.

Now if they could just make the Jersey less busy. We would have a winner.

Just go to the end of the year locker sale, they have all the jerseys and helmets for auction. Just dont bid on a popular player and you will be fine. I have cato's its in a nice glass case. Wish i could show u a pic. As for the white helmets that is going to be a nice helmet to own especially for a collector like me because of the white it will show alot of good football marks and wear on the helmet

He did pre-inspection, towed and fuelled the 150th bird that did the fly over, today it was flying at the Bagotville airshow. I can't go to the auction. I'm too far. I'll call the office and see if they will sell me one and a jersey since they are retired unis. Would make a cool piece in his man cave.

You need to get into contact with Ronnie James or maybe i can pick one up for you when i go. Whats your email so i can show u mine?

With all due respect, the logo could use a revamp.

A bird with teeth, holding a football ? :roll: :roll:

Just a normal looking bird head inside the A would look much better.