any ideas??

anyone know some good spots to camp in regina for the labour day game?

2405 Legislative Drive ?? Nice lawn, lots of space, plenty of hot air ... Here's a link:

But seriously, no, sorry, don't know Regina well enough.

lol I guess it depends where I pass out after the game anyway

Theirs really no good grounds in Regina....maybe the Kingspark on Victoria by Maxwell's amusements.

Your best bet is to go somewhere close but out of a Dunnet provincial park or Regina beach

Riders RV Village - 2 block walk from Mosaic Stadium:

King's Acres Campground - it's way out in the East end, but it's very easy to get to and from Mosiac there (it's right on #1/Victoria Ave) and it's close to lots of ammenities:

Lots of folks pull up the RV at the Wal-Mart parking lot (especially during the summer) They don't seem to mind.

dont have an RV just a tent i think ill go with kings acres looks nice thanks everyone

Call and book in advance if you're going there. I used to work there about 10-12 years ago and even the over flow was filled just about solid every night of the week from June-Sept. Not sure if it's still that busy, but wouldn't want to see you throwing up the tent in a ditch or something.

I lived out of town in Saskatoon for a numbers of years and it certainly looks like they renovated that Kings Park recently, looks a lot nicer.

I think they've redone it a few times since I worked there. The pics definately look a lot nicer than when I was working there. Different owners back them and such. No pool anymore though and the water park they talk about on the site is closed down this year I beleive.

the water park they talk about on the site is closed down this year I beleive.
Crap I was looking forward to that and thanks I called and booked a tent site they said all the RV spots were gone

I don't know how they didn't make a boatload on that waterpark, lazy owners? That place was packed every year all summer and it wasn't cheap but it looks like they neglected to upkeep it.

is there still a go cart track right by the campsite as well also does anyone know if your aloud to bring a backpack in with say a bottle of water or two

The water park closed because the cost to repair it back to useble standards was way to high so they shut it down.

Oh and RND i'm pretty sure that if you snuck booze into the cart track they wouldnt care.....oh i mean water

oops sorry forgot to clarify I meant the stadium my bad and I mean water ill buy my beer at the stadium

You know Walmart allows people to camp in any of they're parking lots... sweet idea but i dont know how safe i'd feel?

As long as its a sealed container they are "supposed" to let you have it. If its open forget it they will make you dump or throw it away. Pop I am not sure about, when I was a kid I always brought a slurpee to the game but I don't think they let you do that anymore since its pretty easy to pour a mickey of vodka into the slurpee. We used to get away with bringing alcohol into the game by bringing maraschino cherries, that were marinated in whiskey for like a week, man we got loaded off those, again that was a long time ago don't know if they would let you do that anymore either.

They often look through bags etc, so it's best to use pockets. Or:

and for the ladies:

thanks everyone Im stoked about this weekend gonna be a bash