Any idea how long Hinds is out for

Does anyone have any idea at all how long Hindas will be out for ..If it will be 1 game or many games ?

This is the reason we are having torubles with the Knowlton situtaion.

We need to start 7 non imports :

3 is usually on the Offensive Line ( Center - Gage , Guard - Dyakowski , Guard - O'neill )
2 Receivers - ( Fantuz , Giguerre )
1 Fullback or extra receiver ( D. Brown , Stalla )

1 cornerback ( Hinds )

Since Hinds is out we have to look at either starting Steels at DT which seems unlikley as this group needs all the help they can get form imports as well as the lack of depth behind Steele or use Buckner at corner or use Eiben over Knowtlon ..

I see this as a temporary issue once Hinds gets back and we see what we have at DT with Mcelveen , Rose, Brown ( if these guys are not doing so well then we might as well use Steele and get a backup )
another option which i don't like is starting Stalla over b Grant and then bringng another young canadian in into stallas 5th receiver spot

My understanding is that Ryan Hinds is on the one game injury list....

Thanks I am aware of that …i was trying to figure out if anyone had any inside information if the staff was expecting him to miss more than 1 or even up to 3 or more ?