Any Hope?

There is nothing on this team that I can see to hang hopes on for improvement. All units have little glimmers of looking like the can do something, but when it comes down to it, the defence can stop, the offence can't go, the special team are not special.

Four games have past. There is no more excuses like the offence needs time to gel, the secondary has to get use to each other the timing will come, etc.

Last year it was McManus, well he is not here and the team is the same if not worse. This team has no pride in itself and I as a fan am having a hard time cheering for this team. There appears to be a lack of effort.

I will cheer for an 0 and 4 team that shows an effort but I see nothing. Maas is suppose to be a leader, but I see no fire in him. It may be the coaching, which I think has to be looked at. When there appears to be a systemic failure you have to look at the the people running the show.

There's hope we can maybe get another first round draft pick ....cause when Ottawa gets back on track there'll be a gush of players wanting outta here.

Maas no fire, are you serious? if he has a problem it is that he is too emotional. Maas is still a very good quarterback. This is all coaching, they have talent but these coaches are in over their head. They are playing with emotion and they will make this a respectable season, the CFL season is very long. We have to put pressure on ownership to make coaching changes, I know it is not ideal to make changes during the season but it is unavoidable this year. Marshall tries very hard, he has a lot of heart but he is over his head. Don't give up.


just kidding.

The defence looked great as we held Montreals’ offence to 18 points.

Our offence has to start scoring TDs

thanks for reposting my thoughts........

Dont give up?...How about we dont show up because the team dont show up......lets start the ball rolling...let them play in front of of empty crowd....boycott this team of no shows...

Yea, give up, don’t show up thats a really good solution… for a quitter. The Team showed up and played pretty well against a very good team on the road, say what you want but bthey played hard. If you have ever played football that point should have been obvious, had you payed attention to the game. I will be there on Friday

he didn't say give up. he said not show up. send a message to the players. playing in front of an empty stadium is a widely used punishment in europe for teams whose fans misbehave.

And a certain death to the Team, do you really think the Tger Cat franchise could survive a boycott? The CFL is not a European football league, not showing up and supporting equals quitting.

I love our cats but how can one not be frustrated right now?
Evertime we look like we might get a win in motion we beat ourselves;not the other team beating us;is that our players fault or coaches'how the hell can fans not be upset.

I am very upset as well, the coaching is horrible and changes need to be made. Our owner is great and he has shown that he is not afraid to invest in this team, be patient, be vocal, voice your concerns but please don't give up, we will make this a good season

Thanx oskee_wee_wee.....change needs to start somewhere and if there is no backlash to the existing regime things will stay the same....(little tough with the use of regime)....but equally it is abuse of the term of "team" with this team....

I think they should start leveling fines on
these guy's for stupid mistakes that are costing the team to look very stupid.
Most of these penalties to-nite were just foolish and cost them the game.
A season ticket holder for over 8 years now
it getting very boring going to the games if
all they do is loose. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

ok they show'd up ------when do they start to
play football.

We have not lost a game to another team this year in my opinion . We have given the game to the other team every time . You may disagree , but if you think about it with dumb penalties and poor calls by the ref we could of won every game we played this season . We have not gotten blown out once and have actaully had the other team on the run in every game .

I know you are upset and fed up with losing but my point by them "showing up" was to counter an earlier point that they did not make an effort and that is a ridiculous statement the players played very hard. Football is the one sport that is truly determined by a gameplan and adjustments to that same game plan and our coaching is horrific and needs to be rectified immediately, we are sending our players out there with their hands tied behind their backs.

Huh ?? are you kidding me ?? If they had not had the film work and on field training they would of been ripped apart . do you know anything about football ??