Any Grey Cup tickets for Sale?

I would like to go to Grey Cup if the Riders make it so I am asking if there are any fans of western teams in this forum who would be interested in selling their tickets if their team doesn't make it to the Cup? I would be willing to pay an extra 10% of the face value if I can strike a deal early. I am looking for 2-4 tickets

Any takers?

Time for scalpers to make some $.

As I mentioned in the Calgary board, you might not want to advertise the fact that you're willing to pay an extra 10% on a public forum. :wink:

My mistake. Just trying to peak interest to get people to sell me tickets. I figured it was harmless since it only meant an extra $20 bucks per ticket.

If my TiCats make it, I'm coming as I'm sure the teams that make it get some set-aside ducats and packages.

Time for those who don't have tix to assume the position! :lol:

I think you'll be lucky to only pay 10% over the original value of the tickets. Given the fact that the game is sold out. I just checked E-bay and some of the tickets I see are WAY over the original box office price.

How can they get away with that on E-Bay? :expressionless:

A brokered end zone seat is going for $500+ :expressionless: Plus the service charges and you're probably looking at $650+

Try Ebay, you might get lucky.

I'm planning on doing that myself at some point, provided I still have money left after getting a hotel room.

just wait until Calgary fails to get into the game, lots of seats will suddenly come up for sale.. guaranteed!

That's my plan, if I cant get it online though, I;m sure once I am in Calgary, I'll find someone that wants to sell. :thup:

That is some srs raep!