Any Good Kickers in CIS????

Out here in BC, we arn't exactly thrilled about Duncan O'Missy
Regina isn't giving McCallum the Keys to the city,

So To Billysoup and the others that follow the CIS closely.....Are there any good kickers that graduated in 2005? Anyone worth drafting?

If not, once the snow melts, I may start training as the Lions kicker for 2006....(Picture a 60 + Old geezer kicking Field goals!) I couldn't do any worse than O'Missy!

Not any spectatcular ones that I know of. I know our kicker sucks. not sure of any other teams. LAurier has that old guy, go for him.

Go for him? Wally has ignored every one of my suggestions....Why would he start listening to me now! :smiley:

Roy does the same to me. don't feel too bad

Apparently Sean Fleming might be retiring too after his up and down year.

Actually know that I think about it, I think the Regina Rams have a fairly good kicker. I listened to their game before a Rider game, and he hit a 50 yarder to tie the game against Manitoba in winnipeg with no time left. But I don't think he is elligible yet.