Any Drew Willy news?

I read on the main page the positive reviews from Mike O'Shea on the recent mini camp. Different location and focus.
Has anyone heard or read how Drew Willy looked during the work-outs?

The new guy, Robert Marve, got all the love from the Wpg media. Apparently, he's got a great arm and is very accurate.

Marve is no slouch. A troublesome college career starting at Miami and then Purdue filled with ijuries and legal troubles NCAA violations, injuries yet still was garnted a 6th year of eligiblty. If he is very accurate I could definetly see him spending the season as the #4 QB.
I am a big Drew Willy fan but I think they have a great crew of QBs. Brian Brohom no slouch either could be as good as if not better than Willy.
Experince wise It will likley be Will with Brohom as top Back up with the luxury of giving hall some more expereince in pro football.

Marve as mentioned looked good in one and ones and skelly. Still remains to be seen how he handles live fire with the 12 men on D, something new guys coming from the NCAA/NFL often have problems dealing with. Still, he seems like a promising prospect and a likely #4 guy as suggested.

I head Danny McManus on one of the radio stations here after minicamp, TSN I think, say that after looking at the video from the minicamp that the QBs as a group completed about 85% of the passes in one on one and skelly period periods. I must say in the early days of camp last year I don't think the completion percent was that high. First they limited the reps to Buck to give more reps to Goltz, Clement, and Hall. Clement I don't think completed much higher than 50% of his throws, if that. He really struggled getting the ball to the sidelines. Danny Mac said all 4 guys showed good knowledge of what they needed to do, were good at helping some of the receivers as to what they needed to be running, and showed good huddle command, so basically the usual our 4 QBs are great and everything we hoped for.

I wouldn't discount Max Hall quite just yet. Having played for Marcel B last year gives him a bit of a leg up on Brohm for the backup role. I don't really know what to expect from Brohm who was the #4 guy with the TiCats last year.

.....Marve 'sounded' good but will he do as well under fire???I wouldn't get too excited about a qb. with knee problems like he has had in the past..BUT tc should give us a better assessment...He certainly can throw the rock.. :wink: