Any comments on the platinum refreshment area?

Anyone from the platinum area go into the concession area at the NW end of the stadium?

They have service to your table, but no outside hint of what was available inside the restricted area.

Would love to hear what I'm missing. :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:



I didn't get in either, but my guess is it'll be the gold or silver club by week 2 or 3.
Wasn't exactly a huge crowd in there.

Who cares the best refreshment area is Scott Park thats where the real Platinum Fans Hang and drink whatever they want!! :rockin:

Is that where the computer area was in Bob's early years?

Not sure about that, but it's the same general area where the Hall of Fame inductees were signing autographs at the HOF game last year.

I'm mildy curious about the menu. Without a real kitchen on the premises it's hard to imagine they would have anything terribly exciting.

It seems like it could make sense as somewhere semi-private to schmooze during the game, but it doesn't have the exclusivity or cachet of being in an actual box, so it's hard to see who they're really trying to appeal to. I have trouble imagining why anyone would use it, except to grab something other than pizza or a hot dog if you arrived to the game a little late on an empty stomach.

Its actually nice to be able to sit down away from the crowd of non-Platinumers (no offense) and enjoy a beer and food. There is a grill there and the food is basic bar food like ribs, wings, burgers, hot dogs, nothing too unique.

Only problem with me is that I wanted to start a tab but you have to pay cash upfront for anything. I guess they figured it would be too hard keeping track.

Other than that, I think its a great idea and I'll be sure to go back throughout the season.

We family section patrons will just stand outside the fence, looking sad. Throw us a bone sometime, will ya'. :slight_smile:

Nice!!! Made me laugh.
The Prince Eddie does a pretty good job, too.

My parents ate there and has 2 beers 2 glasses or wine and one pulled pork and it came to $50 so it is a bit expensive but they did say it was nice.

IWillSackyou, guess that is why they call it the "Platinum’ Zone, that’s the Visa Card you need to pay for the visit, the platinum one! I don’t agree with setting aside a designated entertained zone for one particular type of season ticket holder, kind of “elitist” in appearance to some of the other fans I would imagine. Long time season ticket holder might be offended if turned away. I don’t care one way or the other , as I don’t care to sit and pay for over-priced food and refreshments anyway when as others have stated that there are much better ways to spend the pre-game. And yes, before anyone brings it up, I would be offended if I did try to enter and was turned away from the area, after having had seasons tickets for 37 years.

Yes I agree but what did you think of the prices. I have a hard time swallowing them if it is once agin a losing product on field. Grew up in J box moved to hall of fame club. Came down to the Plats because I wanted that football game experience again. But I do miss that free buffet upstairs.

If I was to eat at every game lets say the ribs I am almost at the same STH price. The other Beef pardon the pun is grabbing my water that is half full after I been standing in line. No class there. Yes you have to stop people from bringing in a ton of there own refreshments. But grabbing the water out of my hand prompted a quick phone call to my STH rep.

I looking at the security guy saying “dude it not end zone seats son have a look at the tix STH Plats.?

His response was to direct me to the new section Ironic lmao. :thdn: