Any Charlie Sightings Yet???

Anyone seen anyone around IWS that resembles our new HC yet???

Is he behind these recent decisions??? I mean supportive wise, not making them wise.

Charlie? Are you here???

I saw Charlie and Elvis at the DQ on Barton street talking about the kicking gane but keep that under your hat. :lol:

Since that take out D.Q.
is never open in the winter,

I would dare to say there is
no truth to what you said.

Marcel said last night on
the CH TV Sportscope Show

he took film on Rocky Butler
out there to show Charlie.

Charlie has been at a bowl games
up until about 10 days ago.

there definitely was a kicking gane on Barton street, i beleive its a type of bird.... lol sorry rookie.

Would that bird happen to be a half eaten crow, Espo?

some kind of crane i think... but nice try nonetheless

Charlie is spending his time working with all his US contacts and with Marcel, Craig, and Mike finding football players.

Not too many of them working out in Hamilton at this time of year. Football players, like Sandhill Cranes (Espo?), fly south for the winter.

The whole team went south last year Bob. :wink:

Espo dont be sorry thats why I am a rookie, but I can sleep a whole lot better knowing Charlie is working and not at the DQ. PS it is a crane :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :rockin: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

Okay, Wilson, you get the One-Liner of the Week award.