any chance the Als trade for Collaros?

Trade deadline day is Wednesday. Willy and Durant are not the answer in Montreal. But would the Als take on Collaros' salary? And would Hamilton trade Collaros to a division rival who they have to beat 2 times at near the end of this season to maybe make the playoffs themselves?

Maybe we STOP taking other teams rejects…how about that?

Would the Cats take on Durant's $400k salary?

This team's problems are so deep and wide of breath. Bringing in a 30 year old QB is IMO a waste of time. Because it will take three to five years to make this squad competitive again.

Toronto was in the same mess last year, so was Hamilton. Both came back withinone year. Trade deadline approaches, so can you movesome of the olderto get newer.Montreal will get the first pick. I would trade that down. Also decision time on Manziel and a few others so that may trigger whatHamilton will do with Zac. He's carrying a big salaryand he was struggling. If Hamilton lands Manziel they will most likely cutZac free. first order of business is to either support Kavis or move on. Harvey is out there along with a few others.Team hastobottom outbefore you can climb back. You have did that part.Support your team Montrealaswatching a rebuildcan be a lot of fun.

It's sad to see the best player in the East last year, 3 years in a row of 1,000 yard receiving and the Grey Cup hero, Ernest Jackson not getting the ball in Montreal.
Collaros for Jackson would be a good for both teams.

The Ticats don't need Jackson. Remember, Ticats have Tolliver coming back from injury next year, and Banks, Saunders and Tasker are tearing it up.

In a trade for Collaros, IMO Hamilton would ask for the Als first round pick next year (#1 overall), and maybe a few neg listers.

Can we please stop picking up the scraps of other teams.... :-\

That's why Kavis needs to be let go ASAP. Picking up a finished quarterback making over half a million for a first rounder overall pick would be catastrophic especially considering "The Great Kazoo" has already traded his second round pick for the next two drafts. Nothing like drafting from the third round on to rebuild a ball club's national content.
Collaros has turned into a statue because of his injuries so sticking him behind Jourdain is going to get the same results as their current statue Durant. If your going to trade assets do it for a kid like Franklin.

ONLY way to take Collaros is if the Cats are "paying" them to take him (e.g., Collaros and a first for Chip Cox, for example) and Als can release him after the season ends.

Si Collaros n'est pas l'avenir des Timinous, comment pourrait-il être celui des Alouettes?

Les changements à opérer sont beaucoup plus profonds que le seul poste de quart-arrière. Bon, oui, il faut un bon quart-arrière, mais Collaros entre-t-il encore dans cette catégorie avec toutes les blessures qu'il a subies? S'il ne l'est plus pour Hamilton, il ne l'est pas plus pour Montréal.

Les Alouettes doivent d'abord changer de DG, qui devra établir un bon réseau de dépistage aux USA, engager de bons dépisteurs pour le Canada (le contingent de joueurs canadiens des Alouettes a passablement perdu en qualité), le DG devra recruter un bon entraîneur-chef, qui devra lui-même s'entourer de bons entraîneurs.

Toute cette structure est tellement dysfonctionnelle qu'il est illusoire de penser que des échanges vont améliorer cette équipe. L'organisation doit faire table rase de ce désastre et montrer qu'elle s'engage de la bonne façon sur la voie d'une reconstruction crédible. Elle doit opérer ce changement de la même façon que les Bou! Bombers l'ont fait.

Reed, under Herr Wettenhall's orders will try like the dickens to pawn off Dormant Durant - but I suspect they'll have to cut him outright and swallow their losses.

Only so-called big wheel on the trade block is Zach Collaros!

If Collaros isn't good enough for Hamilton, he's not good enough for Montreal.

Full stop. The als aren't going to get anywhere bringing in the rejects from other teams. They are rejects for a reason. They are rejects because that team has a better option. No reason for the Las to settle for the lesser option.

Go scout. Go find a quarterback. Develop him. If you do a good job he might be among the best.

The good teams in this league find, develop and use their own quarterbacks.

The als should try to be a good team as opposed to trying to find a quick solution that is really no solution at all.

It is not that black and white. You try to find the best possible QB wherever you can find the best possible QB.

Reilly came from BC, Masoli from Edmonton, Nichols from Edmonton, Glenn from everywhere. The Als certainly shouldn`t eliminate Franklin because he started in Edmonton.

Zach Collaros is going to be what,30 next season?

Little bit older than those guys, no?

Minus Glenn. Screw Glenn.

I kind of have mixed feelings about Collaros. One part of me remembers all the potential he showed. But probably too great a risk as he hasnt been the same since his knee injury. With our luck though hell end up in Toronto winning Grey Cups for them.

I can recall another Hamilton reject that ended up doing alright here.... mind you he had a quality starter who mentored him along with a decent coaching staff and GM.

Anthony calvillo was 26 when he was picked up by the als.

Collaros is a 30 year old injury prone inconsistent soon to be bust.

Don't compare the two

AlsPal. Was not comparing the two!

Merely saying that AC was a "reject" as you put it for Collaros.
Nowhere did I say Collaros would turn out to be another AC !

This team had two youngsters last season who demonstrated potential for development. Adams and Bridge were stupidly dumped, and given to the RR's. Adams was a small QB who was neglected by the NFL mainly because of his stature will likely find opportunity in Regina and, Bridge, as indicated by the TSN commentators, has reached the status of a starter. Think about Bridge, a 4th round draft choice as he took the handoff at the team's opening game in 2015 and, examine his play at present- a missed opportunity