Any CFL interest in Stanton and Henson


   In Detroit, we have heard for a few weeks that both drew stanton and drew henson will be released.  Stanton always seems

to be hurt, and Henson has already failed with a few nfl teams. Both are good athletes who run well, I just wondered what CFL teams might take a look at them

    Problably could be signed cheap,


The CFL has deep feelers into the NFL so I wouldn't be surprised if they get a few offers. At a huge pay cut of course.

What provinces are these 2 places in? Im sure there are fans there.

Good one, Bobby :lol:

The league is packed with QB's right now. Some pretty good experienced CFL QB's have just been let go...and many experienced NFL backups have been bombing consistently in the CFL recently, including some former NFL starters. For unknown NFL backups, there would likely be little interest as most teams would want bring in a recent college grad to groom (at $50k per) rather than an aging NFL castoff who might want $70-$80k.

How about Statler & Waldorf?.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hear that T.O. is a free agent. Think he's on a CFL neg list?