Any bets Robert Pope won't make anything over 30yds tomorrow

The guy can barely kick 35yd field goals. I am betting anyone that he won’t get anything beyond 30yds.

Any takers?

pretty impressive for any Pope to kick over 30 yrds :wink:

I usually try to be a positive person who hopes the best for people, so I hope he wins the million dollars and I would never go and post something like this saying he will never make it. By the way his name is Richie not Robert! Good luck Richie bring home the million

Seems like he has no problem with distance from 35yds - - just depends if he can avoid hooking them left.

oh why don't you go become a priest.

this whole thing is dumb because they have made it so nobody will win again.

they pick random nobodies instead of athletes.

you honestly can't believe that they'd allow a former football player or HS football player who is a kicker to compete.

Luck of the draw, they didn't pick my entry either. Too bad, still cheering for the lucky guy.

Don't have to be a priest to cheer for the Pope. :cowboy:

hehe.. funny! :smiley:

I don't truly believe that it's 100% luck of the draw.

I think they do it such a way that they don't pick the 22yr old fomer HS football player.

notice how they're all like regular joe's?

The kick is off a tee so really while it has to be between the goal posts its more like a kickoff and even if he does not win the million bucks, there are some damn nice prizes to be collected on the way...

Good luck to him.

I was right. 30yds was the furthest he made it.

...yes, well good for you for accurately predicting the limitations of another human being...

...go have a cookie, you've earned it...

Every time I think the OP can't go any further under the bridge, he out trolls even himself. Seriously, we're ripping a guy who isn't a kicker for missing from 40 and 50 yards? I would love to see the OP try to make a kick from that distance. Some people really need reexamine themselves when they're jealous (and this post is pure jealousy) of a dude for winning a contest.

wish they had wendys kick for a million when I was in my 20's and 30's.

"They" don't "pick" anyone. They are random draws.

Logically, unless 22yr old former HS football players match regular joes in number of entries, regular joes will be drawn the majority of the time.

Hitting from 30 should be considered excellent for a non-player.

I'd almost think a contest like this would have more entries from athletic types in their 20s and 30s than "regular joes" in their 50s and 60s.

Do you really think the middle aged housewife or the guy who's idea of exercise is taking an escalator instead of an elevator is going to enter for the chance at embarassing themselves in front of millions?