Any Belli News?

Any word out of Montreal about the fate of Adriano Belli? I thought he helped the Als’ DT rotation last season and was hoping he’d stick around a couple more years.

With the news that Charbonneau’s on the market,though, I’m curious what the prevailing sentiment is up there.

Last I heard he resigned for a million dollars. :roll:

By the way the above post is sarcasm based on a thread that was made about a month ago. Just for the record. :wink:

It seems that Belli won't be coming back. And I think Charbonneau will be taking his place.
That's what I think.

According to Toronto Sun Article he could be in Toronto...

I think MartyMix's prediction will come out as reality.

and he’ll play for peanuts too :smiley:

I think you are right. Besides, it is often mentioned that he wants to be close to the family business. I would say Argos.