Any Advice, heading to Montreal Next Week

Hey Guys, I am a long time member but infrequent poster. I used to live in Hamilton but have since moved to Burlington Vermont. As such I am just an hour away from Montreal, so I will be catching the Ti-Cats at Percival stadium next week.

I am curious if any of you have been to the Stadium? My understanding is that Percival is pretty small and almost all the seats are "good." Is that accurate? Any stories, advice, or parking information would be appreicated.


The common feeling of the stadium is great view but cramped seating. Never been there but thats what I have heard from a few members here.

Was there about 7 years ago when a friend and I drove out to watch them play and enjoy a weekend in Montreal…

We walked into the stadium wearing jersey’s, hat’s and carrying flags. Other then the players on the field, we were the ONLY people wearing football jersey’s. And in the definate minority of people even wearing anything football related period. Complete fish out of water. Like many things in Montreal, many of the fans are there because it’s a place to be, not so much because they are football fans. We were constantly asked “Who you cheering for tonight guys?” I am assuming this was in jest because were so overtly supportive with what we were wearing… I always shot back with: “Who are you cheering for? You can’t even spend $10 bucks on a t-shirt?”

Most people you will find park many blocks away and walk in. There are a few bars that are very close to the stadium to stop into “warm up” on your way in. These are packed with fans doing the same. They were very friendly, even buying us drinks…

The first thing you will notice when you get into the stadium is how small and open the stadium is. There isn’t much cover on the concourse. It’s distinctly remember being suprised they actually get 20,000 people into the place. I was kind of dissapointed. I know much of the CFL is playing in out of date stadiums, but I remember distincly thinking that Ivor Wynne was like the Taj Mahal in comparison…

I remember getting a couple of hot dogs from a vendor in the stadium. Maybe the best hot dogs I have ever eaten. Not really sure what made them special…but they just were really good. However the selection wasn’t much. Of course this may have changed over the years…

We sat in the front row of the endzone, basically at field level. Looking down the field, I can remember thinking how similar the seating is to Ivor Wynne with the fans being very close to the action. No seat backs.

The 'Cats lost a close game. We were heckled fiercely through the entire game. Our entire section at one time clawing like a kitty cat and yelling “Meow! Meow!”. But never once did we have an object thrown at us, or asked to sit down when we stood up to cheer for our team. I have seen at Ivor Wynne and read how on the net how fans have been pelted with food and cursed at when cheering for opposing teams across the CFL, so in that way it wasn’t a problem.

Hope this helps. It was actually nice re-hashing a fun road trip. Have a great time!



Went down on the train trip a couple years ago, so I had no parking issues.

Sat in the endzone. My suggestion is don't sit in the endzone.

Very loud crowd and are very into the game. You won't have any issues wearing Ticat stuff in there.

Great atmosphere and a great stadium.

I have gone there 5 or 6 times to watch the cats. Good times never had any problems.
Make sure you have tickets before you go every game is sold out and scalper prices very high.

If you're going to have a bite to eat, I recommend the Bar B Barn for teir Wings and Ribs.

If you plan on having a few drinks, Crescent street has a wide variety of pubs/bars etc...I've only been to Sir Winston Churchills (north of Ste Catherine on Crescent)


I went there in 2001 and went to the team's ticket office on Ste. Catherine's St. and bought a single ticket. They were playing Edmonton. Seating was cramped, but the fans were cool and into it and mocked me a little for bringing the beer vendor over so many times.

Thanks for all the advice guys I appreciate it. I can promise you that I will be drinking and eating as you've suggested. And now I am going to have to have a hot dog, thanks Devourer.

Here's hoping we head into Montreal with a winning streak.

Concerning parking, there is limited parking around Molson Stadium at the best of times; what parking there is pretty pricey.

I'd ditch your car somewhere downtown and simply take the free STM (Montreal transit) shuttle that runs up University St. to the stadium before games.

As others have said, if you need to slake a thirst before or after the game, you can find dozens of bars on Bishop and Crescent Sts. downtown between De Maisonneuve and Rene Levesque. Please note the closest bar to the stadium (Bar des Pins, just a couple hundred yards from Percival Molson) ) is an utter dive and best avoided unless time is really tight and you are really thirsty. Pub Chez Antoine seems like the Ritz-Carlton bar in comparison...

In Montreal they almost always sell steamies.that's what makes their hot dogs taste so good.Not to mention the cole slaw.

all they have at the stadium is EX.

lots of fun, and try Peel Street Pub after the game-great food and service!

Don't even think about parking a car anywhere near the stadium because they close off a bunch of streets and it takes hours to get back downtown. If you park at a meter, wait till six and pay 9$,then yopu can keep the spot all night. Take the Shuttle bus from Ste. Catherine and University (free) to the stadium because the walk up the mountain is a killer.....walking back is nice tho.

Molson is small but a beautiful old stadium....yes the seating is cramped but other than IWS, there are the best sightlines in the league....

Wear your ticat gear!!!!...i HAVENT MISSED a game in about 9 years and I have never seen an incident between fans...not once...some guy may even buy you a beer.....Tickets are hard to get, scalpers are expensive but if u wait till game time, =you will do better...

Crescent Street is about 2 Km from the Stadium and has the most beautiful women in the city wearing their best club gear...should not be missed...

Best Hot Dogs......La Belle Province (several locations)
Best Hamburger ...Mr Steer (St. Catherine and Drummond)

PM me is u need more info

And, allow me to add.................

There is simply no place in the world where you can get a bettter Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich than in, you guessed it, Montreal!

Thanks again for all the advice. Particularly the additional parking information. I think I'm going to come in early that day, check out the Pepsi Forum and Olympic Park. (I haven't been to Montreal in years.)

I was wondering if anyone had sat in the upper deck level. I believe it's only the one side with an upper deck and I would be sitting in Row 4. Just wondering if the view is acceptable. My only other option at this point is being in row 2 of the lower level around the 35 yard line. But it's like 45 bucks more. If the Upper deck is doable I'd keep the money.

On another note wish the CFL had nice 3D seating charts like the NHL and NBA use.

Don’t turn right on a red light

In Canada, one is allowed to turn right on a red, only after a complete stop, unless a sign states otherwise. In the province of Quebec, turning right on a red was illegal until a pilot study carried out in 2003 showed that there were no significant adverse effects of the right turn on red maneuver. Subsequently the province of Quebec now allows universal right turn on red, except where it is prohibited by a sign. However, due to locally specific safety concerns, it remains illegal to turn right on a red anywhere on Montreal Island. Motorists are reminded of this via large signs posted at the entrance to all bridges.

Example of such signs:

Oski Wee Wee,

Other hen it cramped and reminds you of a Highschool game the venue it a great time.

It kind of sad that a great team playes in this place.

All seats except for the endzones are good in Montreal. South side is especially good everywhere, because you are above the players. North side upper deck is fine, its not even high. Lower row 2 is more money, but worse seats. Its hard to see over the sidelines and cheerleaders when you are that low. Although, close to the cheerleaders backsides may interest some. It's so small, they really need to cram to get 20 000 people in there, so I hope you don't wiegh over 200lbs, cause the seats are CLOSE! Isle seats are a premium.

There is NO parking at the stadium. Only some city streets south of the stadium, which you need to be early to get one. I usually stay in Laval and take the subway from there. There are lot of seats available on Kijiji Montreal and E-bay as I type this.

After the game, Montreal's nightlife is the best in Canada. Depending on your age and interests there is something for everyone. Old Montreal, night clubs, restaurants and uhhum, gentlemen clubs, are all amazing.