Any 2018 Draft Choices Signed before Camp?

As the subject states have the Tiger Cats signed any of the 2018 Draft Choices before Training Camp?
Some may be in the works but so far nothing.

Great thread.
You know there hasnt been any signings yet but you ask anyway.
Knowing full well when it happens it will be announced .

Dork my contribution to this site should be valued so my point is "why" has there no Draft signings?
So if you read through the lines I realize there has been no signings.......the big question for me is
why? Best Regards

Traditionally, at least in recent years, the TiCats have announced all the draftees as signed on the day training camp starts, if not the day before. IMO, the most likely reason is that, while agreed upon by phone or email, the actual contracts aren't signed until the draftees get into town.

So maybe…just maybe…ask the question why in your post. And not the question you did. You’ll have better luck getting the answers to the questions you seek, if you actually ask the question.

Mycko75 I have a question for ...... are you related to The Dork?

I'm guessing that all of them besides the UBC receiver (injured) will be in camp.

Nope. Just pointing out that you didn’t ask the question you actually wanted answered. I’m sure if you had asked the question you wanted answered, Dork’s answer either would have been different or he wouldn’t have chimed in.