Anwar Stewart

Not on Twitter if anyone can confirm. Apparently Anwar Stewart is now part of the coaching staff in some capacity.

Maybe he took the STC job, or did the Dline coach walk too ? Happy for Anwar. He will be a good motivator.

Not sure what capacity. Only heard the tail end on 690. Nothing on the Als site yet.

Defensive assistant in charge of quality control. Anwar seems a little over qualified for that.

Wasn`t that supposed to go to the Sherbrooke guy?

A successful playing career does not necessarily translate into a successful coaching career. To go directly from playing to a direct responsibility over players is almost never done.

So an entry level position to prove yourself (and to your org) and get acclimatised is a very good move right out of the playing ranks. Gotta see if he can go to a 12 hour day, 7 days a week from a 3 hour day, 4 days a week..

I remember Jon Gruden saying his most important coaching job he ever had was his first at a pro level, that of QC guy.

Good move for Als. Finally some alumni. Higgins loves alums.

I agree, it develops analytical qualities that are essential.

Milanovich went from QB to QB coach. Cahoon from receiver to receivers coach. Brady from QB to receivers coach. Dickenson from QB to QB coach. None had QC experience before becoming position coaches. It's done all the time. That said, I have no problem with Anwar going the QC route. I'm very happy to have him back in the organization and I hope it leads to big things for him down the line (at the very least, D-line coach in a few years, maybe DC in 5-7?).

Glad to have Anwar back in some capacity. He was a monster DE, but also a leader out there; the very thing that winning teams need.

Welcome back, Anwar!

2 of our former d-linemen went right into position coaching - Philion and Claybrooks. Although Philion did some training camp guest coaching.

Anwar comes across as someone who would be more comfortable on a field interacting with players, rather than in a darkroom breaking down film. Hopefully it`s just a stepping stone.

Nobody said players can't retire and go into coaching in the league they left, just that it can be useful to get their feet wet in a QC role.

I agree that it can be useful (as I said earlier). But someone made this statement earlier: "To go directly from playing to a direct responsibility over players is almost never done." This statement is patently false. In fact, it is common for a player to move from playing to position coach without any gap.

I'm just happy, really, to have Anwar back in the organization. I hope this is the first stage of what turns out to be a highly successful coaching career with the Alouettes.

Of some of the examples mentioned-after retirement and coaching roles

Milanovich: went to NFL-E
Cahoon: College
Dickenson: generic offensive assistant, involved with running backs
Philion: out 5-6 years as broadcaster I think before coming in as coach

anyway I believe it is difficult for a player to switch roles with his team and playing relationships without a break, coaching "internship" or minimal responsibility coaching. To go from playing your whole life and then switch mindset to coaching is difficult. This is year one of a possible new 30 year career. No rush.

We all hope Anwar is successful in whatever role. Breaking down film is an integral skill in coaching....and being involved in all aspects of coaching the team is a great learning opportunity. I'm sure his skill of D-line will be utilized in a coaching role regardless of his title.