Anwar Stewart

What a class act Anwar Stewart has been in the CFL. And all-time great Alouette. And while I’m glad that he found someone (Stamps) to bring him back for one more kick at the can, as a rush end he must certainly be near the end of his playing days.

But did no one else find it kind of strange that he was on the Als sideline, and basically denying the Alouettes’ “official” statement that he was a retired player? It was a “moment” as far as I was concerned. Stewart told the sideline reporter (John Liu maybe) that in fact he wasn’t retired and that other teams were interested. All this while standing near the Alouette bench wearing Alouette support gear and talking on national television. Very odd. But, I guess he was right. Nice to see an old vet one in action one last time.

he was taking first team defense reps today already. sounds like he will be in the lineup, and most likely starting, this weekend.

The part I found odd was that they gave him a minute of time to talk about Visalis and how him and a bunch of other CFLers were selling it. In the mean time there was a fricking game going on. I hate when actual game stuff is displaced for interviews especially for what amounted to an advertisement.

Oh yeah, almost forgot ... that was another weird thing about that particular interview.

I was listening to the game on Sirius,and I think it was TSN radio, and the guys on there were talking how they have never seen a guy after one year of being retired put on so much weight. So I was surprised to say the least when the next day was signed, and the next day he was taking first team reps. It sounded like he was not in game shape at all, but maybe they were exaggerating a bit.

well it is the CFL... maybe they bought it as advertisement time