Anwar Stewart

Could Anwar Stewart end up back with the Als ?

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Ive wrote on here before that Anwar deserves after all hes done to have the right to fight for his job and keep it till he`s beaten out.

I agree. I hope he ends up in some capacity with the team and retires as an Alouette.

Everyone concerned is now refuting the story, including Anwar and his agent, so I don't think it's happening, and rightly so. We need to move forward.

Incidentally, can someone tell the Gazette to STOP USING that silly picture of Anwar with a garbage bag clearing out his locker room? It's so disrespectful. He was a fixture on our team for almost a decade, they can't find a better photo of him, one where he's in uniform and making a play?

That's what you call "garbage" journalism...

I know that all players have to face the end of their career some day. I am still sorry to see him go. Not only did he make some big plays on D, but I saw him as a leader to the younger guys. I don't know that a return of any sort is in the cards, but I liked his presence on the team. I think any team needs an "elder statesman" so to speak.

The Als have put a lot of trust in the D-line they now have, but there will be fierce competition to see who makes it to the starting line. Sure hope that their trust will be well rewarded.

When Mike Sinclair is ready to move on, I would love to get Anwar back as our defensive line coach. Classy productive guy like that, you want to get him back in the organization and maintain a link to what was a golden era for the Als. And I think he'd be a great fit coaching defensive linemen on technique, reads, and alignment. He was never one to beat his block with brute power; he was a thinking man's player. You have to figure a guy like that would make a smooth transition to coaching one day. Hopefully it can happen when time has healed the sting of him being released.

I remember the year when Anwar had more interceptions than some defensive backs.