Anwar Stewart

I know that he is not quite the pplayer that he used to be but he is still very effective and a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than anyone else that the Riders have at end.

Bring him in and let him compete for a spot. If he makes it, it's a bonus. If not, oh well.

What have you got to lose Mr Taman, except maybe 14 to 16 games this year.

The Riders have brought in some really promising prospects already. I believe the woes at DE are likely solved.
Veikune and Rowe will be the top contenders for the spot.
BUT Rowe may very well step into LB shoes as Freeman's replacement.
Therefore Williams and George will need to compete to get playing time when Hawkins is taking a breather.

Look we can go and sign all the 36 year olds you want go 9-9 maybe make it to west final and call it a dandy of a season and then the following season start back from square one by just churining the "recyled players" but that 's not any of the management or coaches plans. They are trying to get younger and faster, yes Stewart can play at a high level but really if we singed him id be to a 1-2 year deal max before he is either released or retires, I'd rather see us bring in 6 potential canditades for the End position all under 30 years old and have the best guy in. yes we want to win the Grey Cup but unfourtunatly this is going to be SOMEWHAT of a rebuilding year, Somewhat because we have an established QB, recievers and part of Secondary but the rebuilding comes in because we had to let go of guys like Barron Simpson, Parenteu and Gautier, Cates and potentially Gene. We need PROSPECTS not aging veterans.

You can’t go into the season with a bunch of maybes.

I really like Hawkins’ talent, but his rookie season was very rookie like. He only had 3 sacks, 2 in the same game against a gimpy Printers. Any player coming off missing a whole year to injury is a big question mark.

Kenny Rowe has great college resume and seems to have a very good skill set. He is still completely unproven.

Tay George can get into the backfield but once he gets there he can’t catch anybody. The guy is totally out of shape. Plus he likes to mix it up after the whistle. I HATE dead ball fouls.

Shomari hasn’t had much chance to prove himself but again, almost completely unproven.

It would be nice to have at least ONE capable veteran on hand. Like I said, Stewart’s best days are behind him,but he can still play. All I said was, bring him into camp, see if he can earn his spot. Hey, ideally I’d like Aaron Hunt to wear green and white and move to end.

And however much POTENTIAL anyone thinks this group has, there are 7 teams in this league with more talent at end than the Riders. That is ALL ON TAMAN. And he just missed Greg Peach too.

Malgré toute l'admiration et la reconnaissance que j'ai pour Stewart, je ne crois pas qu'il constitue une solution pour les Roughriders. À l'âge qu'il a, Stewart peut être un bon joueur à insérer dans une rotation et va donner 3 ou 4 très bonnes parties dans la saison. Mais malheureusement, même les plus grands finissent par vivre leur chant du cygne, et Stewart l'a fait en 2010 en gagnant une dernière Coupe Grey. Stewart ne donnera pas beaucoup plus que ce qu'il a donné aux Alouettes en 2011 et en ce sens, les Roughriders ont plus intérêt à former des jeunes qu'à prendre Stewart comme un renfort.

Je demeure cependant convaincu que Stewart pourrait être un bon entraîneur. Il a pris John Bowman sous sa coupe lorsqu'il a joint les Alouettes, et on voit que Bowman a été bon élève. J'espère le revoir dans un rôle actif dans une équipe de football, car au-delà du grand joueur qu'il a été, il est très généreux, dévoué et possède un leadership positif.

We already have one old hothead on the DL in Romero we don't need another.

English translation: Despite all the admiration and gratitude I have for Stewart, I do not think it is a solution for the Roughriders. At his age, Stewart may be a good player to fit into a rotation and will give 3 or 4 very good games in the season. But unfortunately, even the largest end up living their swan song, and Stewart did in 2010, winning a Grey Cup final. Stewart will not give much more than what he gave the Alouettes in 2011 and in this sense, the Roughriders have more interest in training young people to take Stewart as a reinforcement.

I remain convinced, however, that Stewart could be a good coach. It took John Bowman under his wing when he joined the Alouettes, and we see that Bowman was a good student. I hope to see him in an active role in a football team, because beyond the great player he was, he is very generous, dedicated and possess positive leadership."

That's true I don't think he could be an every down guy but roatation at the most, but in my mind I think we should just rotate the young guns.