Anwar Stewart Released

According to TSN /RDS.

It`s a tough what have you done for me lately business.

Thanks Anwar for your contributions and just as important the classy way you went about it.

I guess this was expected, im guessing Wilson is next.

Could the fact Wilson not yet released mean the Als are considering going to a 3-4?

And we can scratch Justin Hickman as a potential replacement for Anwar as he has signed with the Colts.

Anwar has had an incredible career. I figure he was done after the 2007 season and he played at a high level for four more years ! A Defensive End who starts until the age of 37 in the CFL is a feat ! Incredible career with the Als and he may have a year or two left. Hopefully we will see him in the organization again one day. I'm sure John will miss his friend.

Good luck Anwar and thank you !

I think it means they are still talking which is a good thing.


Anwar will always be one of my all-time favorite Alouettes. Great personality, hard worker, and a student of the game. Best of luck wherever you end up!

Sorry to see him go. Anwar was one of the de facto leaders in the clubhouse. In that sense, he will be hard to replace. If his playing days are truly over, I would love to see him back in a coaching capacity.

However, we have all lamented at one time or another about the lack of a consistant pass rush and the lack of mobility on the D-line. That was never more evident than last season with all of the injuries in the secondary. This put extra pressure on the front four to bring enought pressure on the QB. All things considered, the Als did remarkably well. It will be a monumental task to find replacements for the lkes of of Anwar et al. sure hope the Als' coaching staff are pouring through rosters. For that matter, we have to shore up our secondary.

So long, Anwar, you were a great one to watch!

Not to mention a big asset in the community.

While it was expected my most of us, it is always difficult when someone loses his job. Wish him the best.

More surprised with the release of Danny Desriveaux; yes, he was hurt for half of last season and, when on the active roster,he rarely played; nevertheless,we now have only 1 non-import on the roster. Unless we sign a free agent/ trade for someone/draft a few recivers, we will have to dress 5 import receivers next season.


Richard you have mentioned Franklin as a Canadian free agent receiver, but another interesting free agent is Matt Carter from the Tiger-Cats.

The most interesting case will of course be Andy Fantusz, with Sask., Edm., Tor., and Ham. all expected to get into a bidding war.

TSN should have an all-day free agent frenzy show next wk. :smiley:

Thank you for 10 wonderful seasons Anwar and 3 grey cup rings. Only AC and Flory (?) remain from the 2002 team.

Not at all surprised with the release of Desriveaux. He has been with the team for several years contributing nothing. He might have played a few minutes a year or two possibly catching a three or 4 yard pass or so. During the last couple of seasons the Als would have been able to draft a first class CIS receiver but, instead D was kept on the team. He was also too small to contribute to special teams.

I agree with all the above posts on Stewart. He was the best pass interception defensive end that I have ever seen.

I mentionned last year when he went to the press with has complaint against Kerry Carter that it would cost him his job in Montreal...


So right now, our starting D-line is:


And of course, I'm sure Popp will bring in more bodies to compete in training camp. This is going to be a wild season. Revamped D-line, Reinebold in charge.

I would not write off Chima so quickly. There is a big kid at Georgia State : Bikulidi. He started playing football in grade 12 that might be a good draft choice for the Als. Gascon-Nadon is another interesting prospect but he's had serious knee issues and plays with knee brace already. Then there is Donny O in Winnipeg if interested and its free agency.

Not at all surprised about Desriveaux either.

I hadn't written Chima off, just forgotten about him completely. :smiley:

We'll see how he does in camp with a new DC in charge, and moreover, one who wasn't an internal candidate like Tibesar who already had a preconception of him.

Looks like we'll have a pretty revamped defensive line. .. Mike Sinclair will have to earn his paycheque this season.

Whatever personnel we have on the line, and whatever schemes Reinebold brings in, I sure hope we have better pressure on opposing QBs in 2012 than we did in 2011. .. looking back, I think that was a key to the season last year, we just couldn't get enough pressure consistently, and that exposed our injury-weakened secondary.

Each fed the other IMO. I'm sure the players lining up will be up to par. A lot hangs onto the health of Brouillette/Emry/Boulay and we won't know that till training camp.