Anwar Stewart going to Calgary!

more info in French ... elle-niche

Google Translation:
Anwar Stewart sings a deal with Calgary Stampeders.

Released by the Montreal Alouettes in February, defensive end Anwar Stewart said it has signed an agreement with the Calgary Stampeders on Tuesday.

Stewart reported this news to the newspaper "The Gazette".

The Floridian played one game with the Stampeders in 2001 after his career at the University of Kentucky. He then spent 10 seasons with the Alouettes organization, with which he won the Grey Cup three times in 2002, 2009 and 2010. He took part in the All-Star Game in 2004 and 2009.

They've also signed Stevie Baggs. Guess they had a few bucks left in their envelope...

bringing in some veteran leadership for down the stretch and into the playoffs.

glad we got to see him one last time.

I'm still sorry he's not playing for us. Considering our lack of a pass rush, I'd love to see him making QB sacks for the Als. True, his best days were behind him, but he could still make some plays and I believe he played the role of "the Old Man", i.e. a father-figure for the younger players. Good luck in Calgary, Anwar, and I hope we don't see you this season (as in a playoff game???).

Happy for him. If Calgary makes it to the end he could make around 40k for his trouble and he gets to go out on his terms. :thup:

Ironic that Stewart is there only because of Stevie Baggs` slow healing quad injury.

I certainly wish Anwar good luck.

Wow, I'm so glad we cut our team's all-time sack leader loose so we could move to this ultra-productive awesome 3-4 alignment and neuter Anwar's old running buddy John Bowman in the process. :roll: :roll: :thdn:

Good luck to you, Anwar. You deserved another season in Montreal, but instead, you got skrewed.

Isn't our team leading the league in sacks? I mean, our defense has problems that need fixing, there's no denying that, but if we're the top of the league in sacks, then our defensive line has to be doing something right. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sacks aren't coming from the DE position which is an oddity.

And my point wasn’t so much that Anwar would have made our sack attack that much better. I was just noting that he deserved better than to get kicked to the curb because we installed a crappy defense that can’t stop anyone, at any time, sacks be damned. Sacks are one indicator of efficiency but they aren’t the whole story. It’s small comfort to be leading the league in sacks when we cannot stop any team’s QB through the air, at all, until a game is out of reach and the other team has gotten conservative. And when we register a sack on first down, only to give up a big play on second and long and let the other team convert, that sack may as well not have happened.

All Anwar asked was to be allowed to compete for his job and beat out at training camp. He wanted to go out a warrior and he deserved that and more IMO.

Exactly. We gave Diamond Ferri a chance to compete in camp, we couldn't do the same for Anwar, our top defensive player of the past decade or so?

That's another guy who has made solid contributions in Saskatchewan and help them turn their defense around.

I'm with you. Heard him being interviewed earlier today. He is raring to go... and apparently has a shot at competing for a job next season too. Shame the Als kicked him to the curb as you said. They could use his leadership right about now.
Our loss Calgary's gain.

And the kicker, while being honoured at the Als game on Monday, he was texting with the Stamps finalizing the details!

Actually it's not an oddity at all. .. in a 3/4 defence, you don't expect (or you shouldn't expect) the DEs to have the sacks; not their primary responsibility.

Nah, Ferri's played next to no role in turning their defence around. . . credit goes to their D/C, Richie Hall, who knows more about defence than Ferri ever will. . . and Ferri's been a bit player anyway.

[i]Best of luck to Anwar! He should have finished his career as an Alouette.

It makes Johnny puke when he sees that Deslauriers whiffing on a pass, and wearing Anwar's number 9

:( :thdn: . [/i]

Je suis content pour Stewart qu'il se soit trouvé une nouvelle équipe.

De là à dire que les Alouettes auraient dû le garder, j'attendrai de voir ce qu'il va faire sur le terrain. Là où il manque le plus aux Alouettes, c'est par son leadership. Qui sont les leaders de la défensive maintenant? Emry et Hebert, probablement, mais ensuite? Cox? Anderson? On dirait qu'il en manque.