Anwar Stewart Back

Don`t know how much he has left in the tank, but he can certainly provide veteran leadership during these tough times.

Now if we can only get Ben Cahoon to come out of retirement. :smiley:

Stewart back and the Als have also signed DE Eze Obiorato to their PR. Obiorato is a Hamilton castoff, I think.

I love Anwar, so on a personal level, I'm very happy to see him back in an Als uni, but looking objectively at the team, these moves are pretty lame TBH. A 37-year-old DE who couldn't otherwise find work and yet another castoff from another team. Is this the best Jim Popp can do in terms of bringing in DE talent to replace Kuale? If Lockley and Obiozor were good enough to be part of training camp, why aren't they good enough to bring back now that Kuale is gone?

Great news. Stewart should help in the locker room and on the field. Look at what he did for the Stamps when he joined them at the midway point last season.
He should still have some left in the tank and can be rotated in during the games. Will help get some of the pressure of Bowman which no one else has been able to do.

Hopefully DesLauriers gives him back his # 9 ! :wink:

Anwar is going to surprise a lot of people. He's in Outstanding physical condition. Smartest DE in the game. So if he's used properly will really help us. I'm thrilled for him. He deserves this opportunity more than anybody.

We've never been able to replace him. Glad AS will end his career as an alouette.

Quite surprised! Yes, he can do better than Kuale but,nevertheless, he is 37 years old. The scouting staff/Jim Popp can’t do better? I do appreciate the individual/the person, but his best days,as a football player,are behind him. Yes,he is a good person in the locker room,but the Als need good player on the field/during the games.

Jim Popp can’t do better that rejects from Hamilton? Denson and the new one.

Yes,let’s bring Ben Cahoon back,Eric Wilson, Kerry Watkins,etc. Awful! Where is Junior Ah You?

Hope to be wrong,but the next 12 games could be a nightmare.


You forgot Vince Ferragamo. He would fit in nicely with our current '2 and out' offense.

IMP LB/DE Justin Hickman,formerly of the Tiger-Cats, has been released by the Indianapolis Colts. He was with them for 2 seasons. Unless injured, this is a player that would be worth pursuing; I am positive that the Tiger-Cats will do the outmost to sign him/bring him back.


Ell Roberson never got a fair chance, give him a few reps at least!

Hickman is out for the season with a foot injury. So I guess it`s going to be Junior Ah You.

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I think in all fairness let`s see what the NFL Labor Day cuts bring. And without making excuses for Popp, all CFL teams having a harder time attracting promising players with their having to commit 2 years to the CFL.

Agreed, especially the part in bold. When did we become a nostalgia act? Are we running a football team or a retirement home? Why is our scouting department not able to get off its collective a$$ and bring in a quality DE instead of re-signing ex-Als and other teams' castoffs? :thdn:


If we needed ANY proof that the Alouettes are in freefall
how often have you seen teams in trouble try the "quickfix" of adding other teams' veteran 'rejects'
Like most of us...I love Anwar Stewart
That feeling doesn't go away...and the appreciation for his drive, dedication and talent
But while the 1st two elements can we help but question
The addition of a guy who was getting too slow and ineffective
2-3 years ago?

This move SMACKS of desperation
ANY player's value as a leader is predicated on his ability to lead

I repeat what I said earlier:
Jim Popp has to get his behind off the field
And scout us some prospects
Priority#1: A Franchise quarterback. Maybe someone who got into trouble early in his career. So he won't get any looks by the NFL. But is UBER talented and could lead this team to....
Ah what's the use?
The Alouettes are going in ONE direction

And with cynical moves like this one
It's not looking to change any time soon.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

He's injured.

But that's true for all CFL teams, not just us (as you noted). And yet other teams have been able to find good D-linemen in the past few years.

I'm sure we are looking but even when we do find one. He won't be an impact player right away. At least Anwar has experience and he won't take a 15 yard penalty or two every game.

Again, I`m not making excuses for Popp, he has the largest scouting staff and probably budget in the league and has to do a better job finding d-linemen.

But I just went through the import d-linemen that have entered the league the last 2-3 years and these are who I would consider impact players:

DT - Almondo Sewell - Edmt. Bryant Turner - Wpg.
DE - Alex Hall - Wpg. Marcus Howard - Edmt. Jonathan Williams - Toronto

Nothing earth shattering and ironic that the best recruiting seems to have been done by Joe Mack in Wpg. who was fired last week.

And look at Sask. the team we face that is leading the West. They built their team in the off-season on older free agents - Simon, Rey Williams, Anderson, McElveen, Chick, Weldon Brown. Diamond Ferri last year. There are different ways to skin a cat.

I for one hope he proves you wrong too. At 37, he can probably contribute more than Kuale or others who are many years younger! He did alright when he joined the Stamps mid way through last season!

Happy to be on the field, knows his role and probably not costing allot of $$'s either. Maybe Whettenhal is tired of paying out big money only to have them gone after 5 games, or injured !! :wink:

Wow, at his age!
I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

Were the Argos desperate when they called back Belli last year or when they called back Prefontaine (40.4 yd. punting average so far) this year? :smiley: